Why Jesus Christ May Return In 2019.

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Before I launch into this Post, I want to refer to 2 previous Posts I wrote on this topic in 2017.



That way, you can read into the full background of my thinking on this topic.

First off, I will address the elephant in the room: why do I think Jesus is coming back this year when he never came back in 2017?

First reason, because the rapture hasn't happened yet and therefore it MAY happen this year.

You will notice that I deliberately used the word MAY in the titles of those 2017 Posts rather than the word WILL. That's because the timing is indeterminate and, to be honest, rather less important than the theory BEHIND the timing.

Second reason, because the main 2 premises of those previous Posts, namely the Millennial Day Theory of the first Post, and the Revelation 12 sign referred to in the second Post, both have a limited use-by date that pretty much runs out this year.

The 2nd millennial day has to end at the very latest in or around May 2019 if we base our timing on the revised calendar at BiblicalChronology.com. Why would we do that, when most people believe Jesus died in 29 AD by our present calendar?

The reason to believe that the 2nd millennium since Christ's departure is about to end, would be that Ron Conte of the Biblical Chronology website, correctly figured out the calendar using science and recorded astronomical observations from around the time of Christ.

Ron believes Christ was born in 15 BC and died in 19 AD based on his calculations. He doesn't state the year of Christ's death on the site but I emailed him, and that was the answer he gave me.

Based on Ron's revised calendar, Christ's rapture (ascension) happened some time in May-June of AD 19. Therefore, according to the Millennial Day Theory, the rapture of the church MAY happen in MAY 2019, based on the ascension having happened 40 days after the resurrection as stated in the Bible.

The resurrection happened 3 days after Christ's death which happened at Passover. Because the Jewish calendar has Passover falling on a different day every year, and we don't know exactly what day that was in AD 19, it could happen between May 4 and June 7 2019.

The other reason relates to the second premise of the first Revelation 12 sign of September 23 2017. So why didn't the rapture happen then?

To put it bluntly, because Revelation 12 never said that the rapture would happen at the same time as the first sign (the sign of the pregnant woman about to give birth).

Now here's where it gets interesting. What if the reason for using the metaphor of a male child's birth was to point us to a parallel situation that happened at the time of Christ's birth?

See, the second Revelation 12 sign is that of a red dragon who wants to devour the male child. There is an eerie parallel to the evil king Herod who tried to kill Christ by ordering the death of all 2 year old male children at the time.

Here's the thing: why 2 year old children, why not 1 or 3 year olds? I suggest it was because this attempted killing of Christ happened 2 years after Christ's birth.

So if you follow where I am going with this, if there is a parallel threat by Satan (the red dragon) against the church, it would happen 2 years after the Revelation 12:1-2 birth sign which was seen in the heavens on September 23 2017. Hence the rescue of the male child from that imminent threat would have to occur some time before September 23 2019.

And if the rapture is to pre-empt the threat against the church in the same way that God pre-empted the threat against His Son, by sending an angel (messenger) to Joseph telling him to depart with the mother and child to Egypt, then the actual timing of the rapture has to be less than 2 years after the birth sign to make good and sure that Satan doesn't make good on his evil intentions against the church which after all is the body of Christ.

How about 4 months before the 2nd anniversary of the September 23 2017 sign, about the same time of year that Christ was raptured to heaven in AD 19, 40 days after His resurrection?

So that's where I am at with this at the moment.

I would also like to point out that the threat against the church in Israel and around the world right now is rather imminent. Russia holds all the cards in neighbouring Syria after a bloody 7 year war, and given that Russia also has nuclear weapons, any attempt by western Christian nations to defend Israel against the prophesied Ezekiel 38-39 invasion of Israel, would be met by nuclear blackmail from Russia.

In the last year or so it has been reported that Russia now possesses hypersonic cruise missiles against which there is no ABM defence. So it turns out that Russia won the Cold War, nearly 3 decades after we thought they lost.

Interesting times. Time to get right with God by accepting His Son Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Messiah, if you have not already done so. The millennial kingdom is on the way, time to meet the King and get on the right side of history!

Posted on March 10 2019 which coincidentally is the 70th anniversary of the first Israeli election on March 10 1949 when David Ben-Gurion was voted in as the first elected prime minister of Israel. He had already served as prime minister since May 14 1948 but the election confirmed his position.

Can a nation be born in a day? Depends what you mean by that. It takes time to form a government but when the day comes, the work of decades can be completed at the stroke of a pen after a vote is passed. A similar milestone occurred on May 11 1949 when Israel became the 59th nation in the UN.