Could The Rapture Happen on July 17 2019?

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This is a really contentious subject right now amongst the YouTube watchman community, but I felt I had to throw my 2 cents in, as I came up with a rather surprising confirmation of the July 17 rapture date today, from an unexpected source.

Steve Monette had previously come out against the July 17 rapture date, and as far as I know he hadn't changed his position when I watched his video on the wheat harvest this morning, but the wheat harvest video certainly doesn't exclude July 17, in fact it most certainly does allow for it. But here's what I drew from Steve's revelation that Pentecost actually falls 100 days after Jesus rose from the dead, not 50 as most people assume.

OK, so the links above are just the sites I used to calculate what day Pentecost aka Shavuot would have fallen on in the year 19 AD. You may say, so what? I'm glad you asked. If you have been following my Posts on the rapture over the last few years you will have already figured it out.

To cut a long story short, based on Ron Conte's revised calendar we are in the year 2033 since Christ's birth, not 2019 as the Gregorian calendar would imply. Check the last few Posts for links and further information to back that up.

So based on that, Jesus Christ ascended to heaven exactly 2000 years ago. If we go by the Millennial Day Age theory, we are near the end of the church age, which most Christians believe started at Pentecost. Based on Steve Monette's 100 days after First Fruits Pentecost timing, Pentecost occurred on July 17, 19 AD, and the 2000 year church age should end with the rapture on July 17, 2019.

This timeline is completely different from other timelines in videos promoting the July 17 2019 rapture date which I have seen on YouTube, which I don't fully understand, but somehow I have arrived at the same date. Go figure...

PS The following isn't a confirmation of July 17 per se but it's pretty cool nevertheless:

What I saw in the above date count from the Revelation 12 sign on September 23 2017 to July 17 2019, is the number of hours which is 15,888! That really jumped out at me. We are really in the final hours of the end of the age. I'd also like to point out that in numerology 8 is the number of Jesus. Very cool considering Jesus could be coming to rapture those of us who believe in Him very very soon!

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