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One of the main impediment leading to success is the Laziness.This is not our fault in fact.Because Our ancient people did not know when they will find food or when they will be attacked.Thats why the used to become inactive for 80% of the time to restore their energy.And 20% of the time they became active.
We are also evolated from them but could not change the habit.Our brain is also do not changed from them.Interesting.....Isnt it?

But we have to eliminate those laziness first.


The place where you sleep everyday has a connection with your subconcious mind.Thats why when you do anything in the bed your subconcious mind transmit signal to your brain that it is the time for sleeping..Thats why you feel lazy all the time.To avoid this you should read or do any kind of work away from your bed room..You can read or do your work where the word sleep is not related.


We usually find a topic interesting when our brain secretes a hormone called Dopamine.It causes you to feel good and stick to the plan.But when something u are not finding interesting,You by yourselfes can make it interesting by activating your reward circuitory.Suppose you promise that when you read one chapter of your book,you will reward yourself with a pizza or something that you really like..That will subsequently activate the reward circuitory and will release dopamine.And then you will find that interesting.


There are two types of lazyness.....One lies on your body....and another is on your mind.But eliminating the lazyness of your mind is next to impossible if you dont eliminate your physical one.Three things which activates our reward system more.1)Food
2)Exercise and
Thats why the man who exercise regularly become active and feels good because of the rewards the get everyday.


Sometime we are not interested in particular thing...But we must do it.For example-a student who is not interested in study but in music..He has to find out a way how he can make the study interesting by the help of music...He may study at the same time listening music..
That will help you to make the topic interesting..Thats why a famous poet said----

          "Nothing is easy when you are lazy
               Everything is easy when you are crazy"


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excellent post friend, many success!