Mother is the person I love the most

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Good night?
Have a good rest..!
On this night I will make a post about mother is the person I love the most.


Mother's position is three levels above father. Mother's prayer is able to penetrate the sky and is very necessary before God. Therefore, glorify. Do not let you hurt him, make him cry, let alone to provoke his emotions to issue curses or bad words.


Be grateful if you still have parents, especially mothers. He will always pray for us in every prayer, in every one third of the night.

"And We command mankind (do good) to two of his father's mothers; his mother has conceived him in a weakened condition which has increased, and weaned him in two years. Give thanks to Me and to the two mothers of your father, only to you. (Qs. Luqman: 14).

The above verse mentions the virtue of a mother who is pregnant in a weak condition, adding and breastfeeding. Thus we can find out how the position of mother in Islam. He is very noble and must be glorified, even exceeding the position of a father.

Therefore, try to serve your parents, especially to your mother. Because tomorrow we are in the sigh of prayers every night. And the mother's prayer is able to penetrate the sky, so must be before God. then glorify your mother.

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