The Real Fighters

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Most of the time when I'm being alone, I felt like the world aren't just for me to live in. Today is one of those lonely days beside most of my days at home. It's still rainy outside. The rain won't stop since last night and I don't now when it will take a break. I couldn't go out to do any activity outside. BORING.

Ever since I finished my study and couldn't find a job yet, my boring episodes seems to have no end. I'm tired of sleeping. Yeah, even sleeping is none of my favourite anymore. I feel like I'm trapped in a prison. Sometimes I just want to give up of my life.

But then I saw the news about those 13 Thai boys that trapped in a cave.


I know that the world keep talking about this for many days but never really make sense to me because I don't really read or saw the news. I know. I was lame.But this morning, the news are seriously opened my eyes.

Then I read the cronology of this. My eyes broke into tears. Just imagine being trapped there for many days, with no food until the rescue teams founded them...I just can't. Even when they've been founded, there are too difficult to bring them out. Can you imagine being on their situation?

Meanwhile I'm here living in my comfort house with enough food to eat, a confort bed and blanket when I'm sleepy and get cold, I still complaining and saying that the world aren't just for me? What a coward I am?

I'm also very touched by the effort and care of the 'world' to rescue them. They're sitting there in the cave and have the world fighting for them, and I'm here easily want to give up the world just because sometimes I feel lonely? I feel ashamed of myself.

You are the real fighters!


To the boys and all those rescue teams and volunteers, I want to say that you all are the real fighters. Thanks for making me believe in hopes, thanks for your effort, and keep fighting! I pray for your safety and please come back safely.

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I hope everyone is safe and come out on the paddle in a hurry.

Yeah, hopefully everything goes well.

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