Legend~Magic flute

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The Kancil is busy walking in the bamboo forest. "It turns out it's nice to also walk in the bamboo forest, cool and so peaceful," said deer in his heart. The fun of walking makes him forget the way out, then he tries to cut corners by breaking through bamboo trees. But what happened to the mouse deer was instead squeezed between the trunks of a bamboo tree. "Help! help!" mouse deer shouted. He struggled, but the more he struggled the more tightly squeezed. He only hopes that there will be other animals that help him.

Not far from the bamboo forest, a tiger is resting while listening to the birds singing. He
fantasizing can sing like a bird. "If I could sing like a bird, but who would teach me to sing?" He asked. A breeze makes the tiger sleepy. Shortly after he snored, there was a creaking sound. The voice grew louder because it was carried away by the wind. "What is that voice?" said the tiger "What is certain is not the sound of birds singing, it seems like the sound came from the direction of the bamboo forest, I'd better just investigate," said the tiger. The sound becomes clearer when the tiger reaches the bamboo forest. He found that a mouse deer was being squeezed between bamboo trees. "Wow, I was very lucky today, without having a delicious meal available," said the tiger to the mouse deer while his tongue sucked at the fat mouse deer body. Kancil was very scared. "What should I do to get away safely?" Thought the mouse deer.

"A good tiger, don't eat me, my small body won't fill you." "I don't care, I've been waiting for this opportunity," said the tiger. The wind suddenly blew again, kriet ... kriet ... "What sound is that?", Tanya Tiger curious. "That's the sound of my magic flute," the mouse deer answered quickly. His smart brain has found a way to escape. "I'm willing to teach you as long as you don't eat me, how?" Ask the mouse deer. Tiger is tempted by the offer of the mouse deer, because he really wants to be able to sing like a bird. He thinks blowing a flute is no less great than singing. The mouse deer's hand pretends to play the flute along with the wind. While tigers pay close attention. "The song is just like that?" Asked the tiger. "This is just the basic tone," replied Deer.

"Here's how, try to come here and spread the bamboo stick first from my body," said the mouse deer. Tiger did what the mouse deer said until finally the mouse deer was free from the bamboo tree clasps. "Now, now enter your neck and stick your tongue out on this bamboo stick. Then blow it slowly", Kancil explained seriously. "Don't be surprised, if the sound is sometimes less melodious, but if you don't try to sound good, you know." "Luckily there is the tiger, how stupid is he, where is there a magic flute," said deer in his heart. "The tiger that has been sandwiched between the bamboo sticks doesn't realize that he has been deceived by the mouse deer." Where do you want to go, Cil? ", Asked the tiger." I want to drink first, my throat is dry because most blow the seuling, "replied the mouse deer." "How come I have to study alone?", Asked the tiger again. "I left not long, later when I returned, you should be able to blow it, yes, answer the mouse deer while leaving the tiger.

After the deer leaves, the wind blows breezy and the longer it gets tighter. Bamboo tree trunks rub together and creak together. "Hooray I can!", Exclaimed the excited tiger. Because it was too excited to blow, the tiger tongue became squeezed between bamboo sticks. He shouted in pain and immediately pulled his tongue from the pinch of a bamboo stick. "Well it turns out I have been cheated again by the mouse deer, how stupid I am !, surely the creaking sound of the bamboo rod rubbing against it." Grr, it's really outrageous, if I meet later I'll beat the deer ", said the tiger.

After being tired of looking for the deer, finally the tiger rested under a tree. The wind blows again. Kriet..kriet..criet makes bamboo stems rub against each other and creak. This made the tiger's anger slightly subside. He became sleepy and finally fell asleep. In his sleep he dreams of being able to blow the original flute. Make animals dance and sing.

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