Legend ~ Ants and Cocoons

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In a shady forest, live a variety of wild and tame animals. There are rabbits, birds, cats, dragonflies, butterflies and others. One day, the forest was hit by a very powerful storm. The wind blew very hard, hit trees and leaves. Kraak! sound of broken limbs. Many animals cannot save themselves, except the ants who take shelter in the ground. The storm just stopped when the morning approached. The sun glows warm again. Suddenly from the ground an ant appears. The ant is protected from the storm because it can enter its nest in the ground. While walking, he saw a cocoon lying on a broken leaf branch. The ant muttered, "Hmm, how uncomfortable it is to be cocooned, confined and unable to go anywhere". "Being a cocoon is indeed embarrassing!" "Look at me, I can go anywhere I want," sneered ants on cocoons. The ants keep repeating their words to every animal they have met.

A few days later, the ants walked on the muddy road. He did not realize that the mud he stepped on could suck himself deeper. "Ouch, it's hard to walk in a muddy place like this," complained the ant. The longer, the ant increasingly sinks into the mud. "Please! Please," shouted the ant. "Wow, seems like you're having a hard time?" The ant was amazed to hear that voice. He looked around for a source of sound. He saw a beautiful butterfly flying toward him. "Hi, my ant is a cocoon that you used to taunt. Now I have become a butterfly. I can go anywhere with my wings. Look! Now you can't walk in the mud, right?" "Well, I'm aware. I apologize for mocking you. Will you help me now?" the ant said to me enough. Finally the butterfly helps the ant trapped in a suction mud. Not long, the ants are free from the sucking mud. After being released, the ant thanked the butterfly. "It's okay, it's our duty to help those who are in trouble, right? Therefore you don't mock other animals?" Because every creature must be given advantages and disadvantages by the Creator. From then on, ants and cocoons became best friends.

Lessons learned: Fellow creatures of God, don't mock and insult each other, because who knows who is insulted is better off than the one who insults.

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