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RE: 10 Things That Helped Me Be Creative When I Had A Creative Breakdown

in #life8 years ago

Thanks for sharing your ideas!
I don't have such a comprehensive list like yours but these simple things worked for me:

  1. Dedicate time for certain tasks with deadlines
    When I only focus on thing and one thing only my creative juices start flowing
    2.Reflect on what's working and what not
    I review my own activities and try to come up with a strategy to do better
  2. Be thankful
    I do my ten "I am thankful for..." lists every day so it builds my attitude towards life so I am better tuned for attracting good opportunities and less stressful so I am more creative

Hope this helps :)


Thanks for adding your ideas too! I love the idea with the "be thankful" list. We oftentimes forget the positive things in life when we struggle. Great way to focus on the positive side of things for a moment.

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