The Desolation of Smaug

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Last week, Greenpeace Russia held a meeting with residents of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region on the topic: "Why does the grass burn, where do wildfires come from, and what can I do?"


Unfortunately, I could not take part in the meeting, and maybe not unfortunately. The fact is that grass fires in Kaliningrad region is truly catastrophic. Several times a year, the region burns so that these fires can be seen from space.

Authorities impose moratoria on fires, daily report dozens of departures of firefighters to extinguish burning grass, but all is useless.


No one and nothing can influence the situation. Neither Greenpeace, nor the authorities and voluntary firefighters, without any authority.

In 2016 I've tried to become a voluntary firefighter, discovered a fire, found arsonists, called firefighters, but while they arrived the fire went out and I was almost accused of a false call, and then arsonist came to sort things out.


I do not know of a single way to influence the situation, because the problem is much deeper than just the desire to set fire - a problem in the public consciousness.

Perhaps in other countries, the situation is different, but in Russia everyone does not care at all and first of all at each other. Of course there are always exceptions, but the overall picture is.


And as long as this devil-may-care attitude towards others is preserved, no lectures will help. Everything will burn.

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What a terrible thing to have to live with! We have fires here every year, but most of them are started by lightning, or if by humans, by accident. I can't imagine so many people wanting to start fires on purpose.


Yes, people specifically ignite the fire. They motivate it by fight with ticks. But the number of ticks every year only increases.