Bookworm 2019

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Last spring, I already wrote a note about the book marathon that the Pokupo platform holds among its employees. In 2019 the marathon did not start at the beginning of the year, so it became a sprint, but it did not change the essence. Each participant should have noted in the table a list of books he has read and the number of pages.


And what would you think. I won again :) I think I should retrain from programmers to librarians :)

Here is a list of books I read in 2019 (some books was in english, some in russian.), maybe someone will find here something useful for themselves:

  1. Vance “Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX”
  2. Satya Nadella. "Refresh the page"
  3. Paul Vigna, Michael J. Casey "The Age of Cryptocurrencies"
  4. Mark Goulston "Talking to 'Crazy'"
  5. Laszlo Bock "Work Rules"
  6. Paul Hill "The Viking Wars of Alfred the Great"
  7. Chekhov “Sakhalin Island”
  8. Bob Batchelor "Stan Lee: The Man behind Marvel"
  9. E. Kobelev “Ho Chi Minh”
  10. Norman Ohler "Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany"
  11. Shtekli "Dzhordano Bruno”
  12. A.Leeor “Earthship Chronicles”
  13. Maurice Bouvier “Atilla”
  14. Daniel Domscheit-Berg "Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website"
  15. Stephen Witt "How Music Got Free"
  16. KERAM K.V. "Gods, graves, scientists"
  17. Shulgin "Phenethylamines that I knew and loved"
  18. Midler "Poorly Made in China"
  19. Graham "Can Russia compete?"
  20. Primo Levi "The Periodic Table"
  21. Balkansky "Kim Il Sung"
  22. Guy Gugliotta, Jeff Leen "Kings of Cocaine"
  23. Sutherland “Scrum”
  24. Kushner "Masters Of Doom"
  25. Matonin "Nikola Tesla"
  26. Remark “Shadows in Paradise”

New year I started with Rex Weyler’s book "Greenpeace".
Now I have to keep the brand and win in the new reading marathon, even if I have to compete with myself.

I want to once again thank my colleagues from Pokupo and personally @ivelon for the competition and prizes. I love reading and it is very cool when your hobby brings, among other things, a material reward, especially when this material reward can be converted to new books.