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Hello lovelies!!
Okay I’m writing this blog post because I’m currently sitting in my room exploding with happiness and sharing my happiness with my friends, family and followers on all my social media platforms.
I’m usually a happy positive person, but today in particular I’m literally exploding with excitement. Like I think if I did actually explode I would be glitter and sunshine as cliché as that sounds it’s so 100% true.

Think about this for a second. What’s amazing is that literally just because YOU want to, YOU can make YOURSELF happy. You don’t need anyone. You don’t need anything. You can literally just CHOSE to be happy. Like I am right now. I’m just so stoked about life.
A year/year and a half ago I put myself on the happiness train and have been riding down the train track of positivity ever since and I am so thankful that I did! I try every single day to thank the universe for all the wonderful things in my life, all the great things that are currently in the works and all the amazing things I know are coming my way. And because of that positivity, I know more amazing things are in the works.
But right this second, I’m just sitting in my room listening to the Hannah Montana Soundtrack and scrolling through inspirational posts on Pinterest and I am SO SO HAPPY!! Like guys! I know sometimes reading posts like these are boring and blah and like what does this girl know, sure happy whatever. But really… Life is beautiful and amazing and happiness is everywhere if you put it in your view frame and chose to see it.
Also, life is so beautiful. And you literally have the opportunity to do absolutely anything that you set your mind to. Anything you want. If you put your vibrations in the right place. Connect with the universe and put your mindset in the right place. It’s so amazing!!!

Ugh okay, that’s all I’ll say for right now. Enjoy these posts I found on Pinterest. (Not mine, so please no one get mad that I took them. Literally just found them on Pinterest. Thanks Pinterest you’re the bomb when I need some happy posts to share with my friends.)

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Excellent positive post, Ashley! Thanks for the Pinterest posts on being Happy. We should examine our thoughts and see if we can think happier ones.

Shakespeare wrote, "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." Now of course there are some bad things that happen, things that will bring grief and sorrow. But most everyday things that make us sad or angry don't really have to make us feel that way if we train ourselves to be on the Happy Train where we find the positive side of things. I see you have done this, and that makes me happy! :D

One thing that stands out to me is

YOU can make YOURSELF happy. You don’t need anyone.

I think that is great relationship advice! Too many people rely on their partner to make them happy, but that's not something that someone else does for you, it's something you need to do for yourself. Learn about yourself. Find out what makes you happy. Solve problems that are making you less than happy. Being dependent on another puts a lot of stress on a relationship, because a person knows when their partner can't be happy without them and that is a lot of pressure on them!

Great article and thanks for sharing this, as well as all your awesome photoshoot posts!


Exactly!! I just want to help share the positivity love & let people know they're in charge of their own happiness. Yes people and things can make us happy. But down to the core YOU make your own self happy. Plain and simple. (:

Thanks for spreading happiness , it's what we need


I'm glad you enjoyed my post! (:

how do i upload videos :( m not able to figure it out and kindly follow back m new here if you dont mind btw i like the pic inside the chopper

@ashleywilliamson if this is not inspiring I don't know what is. Thanks