Osim Chaim - make life. Short story.

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"I was a little over forty, when I learned that on the usual question," What are you doing now? "Can be answered:" Osim Chaim. "

"I enjoy life." 

For the first time I heard this expression here in Israel. The literal translation of his "make life".

City cafe. Noon. At the next table an elderly couple sitting. He and she. Do not husband and wife, no. Most old acquaintances or friends. They chatted a little flirting, drinking coffee. Suddenly the phone rings. Someone on the other end asks him: "What are you doing?" And he said: "Osim Chaim." I'm enjoying life.

Do not solve problems, not to make money, not looking for answers to questions, not to set goals and reach them without losing weight, after all, no! Just enjoy life.

This play on words literally bewitched me, and I realized that I also want to learn it, "Osim Chaim".

The first lesson I gave the owner of the pet shop, when early in the morning I ran to him for food for dogs. He opened his shop, but has not yet had time to wake up, so slowly laid out their wares. I spent years at the habit began to explain what I need quickly and urgently.

At this the owner of the shop took out a small rabbit cage and put it in my hands. I realized in that moment: so what are you - Osim Chaim!

Time stood still for me. To iron a warm furry lump like a clock. And watch, watch spellbound leisurely work seller.

Then there were many other lessons, each of which brings me happiness.

For example, today I know exactly where they cook the most delicious coffee in Tel Aviv.

The most delicious not because of the taste, no. Just with such a bright such amazing people! Watch this world, leisurely sipping coffee - it is to me Osim Chaim.

Or. I never knew what to feed a horse - is a thrill. Tactile, soulful. Since my childhood I was afraid to approach them. But in Israel, beautiful horses hostess with a smile she invited me to try to overcome the fear, holding out a horse apple.

And now, wide open enormous mouth with excellent teeth, he or she held out to my hand with a trembling hand and very gently, only wet his lips warm and rough tongue lick with palm apple. At this point in my speech ended.

Wealth - that's not what you go coat, what kind of car you ride and what a cool phone is in your hands!

Wealth - are living parents, healthy children, good friends and a strong shoulder of a loved one!

If you are able to see, walk, talk, to love, and every morning to get up from the bed - you are fabulously wealthy man!

Complaining of life, think about those early from it left.

Complaining of her husband, imagine how many girls dream of marrying.

Complaining of their disobedient children, think of those who daily prays to God to have child. 

Understand things which you have.

There are three traps that steal joy and peace: regrets about the past, anxiety about the future and ingratitude for the present.

Throughout my life, I am always afraid of losing the people I love. Sometimes I wonder whether there is at least someone who is also afraid to lose me?

If you can find someone with whom you can cuddle and close your eyes to the world, you're in luck !!!

Sometimes miracles are so tiny that people simply do not notice them.

People - strange beings. Do bad things to each other, and ask God for forgiveness.

We are born with a shout, dying with a groan. We can only live with a laugh (Victor Hugo)