Which would you rather be, being extremely rich or just having enough to take care of you immediate needs? And what are the reasons for your choice?

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I would rather be satisfied with having just enough to take care of my immediate needs. I just want to be comfortable and happy. Money may buy a certain type of comfort, but never happiness. 

Here are my reasons for this choice;

Satisfaction does not come from having all the wealth in the world, rather, satisfaction is a state of mind; it comes from within. That is why you can be extremely wealthy, yet still not satisfied; thereby, looking for ways to double your net worth. Sadly, you can't have it both ways. It's either one is desperate or one is contented.

Meanwhile, desperation is a negative trait that can attract negative outcomes. The moment one becomes desperate, one is willing to sacrifice anything just to gain extra cash. You may even lose your virtue, your real friends and ruin your relationship in the process. As money takes priority, integrity becomes the collateral damage. This would result in a paradigm shift in your values. You may not even have time for your family anymore.

Where your treasure is, there your heart would be. Anxiety, panic and sleepless nights may ensue as one would worry about losing his financial possessions. Insecurity is a challenge that extreme wealth can bring, because the more you have, the more you have to lose.

My grandpa used to say; "the richer you get, the more you forget to pray." Initially, I didn't quite understand this in entirety. However, as I continued to grow in age, wisdom, knowledge and wealth, I started realising the true depth of this statement. Now, it is clear to me. Potentially, riches could draw you away from The Creator. More so, when you encounter a challenge; instinctively, your wealth becomes your safety net. You'd begin to think that money solves all problems. This assumption is inherently flawed because it ignores the existence of the metaphysical.

At this point, I'd like to point out some misconstrued ideas about wealth.

Misconception: It's only when you're wealthy that you can be generous to help people because you'd have more to give.

Fact: The above statement is absurd. Generosity is no dependent on your level of income. Each one can provide help for the needy, irrespective of your financial status. The little things we do sometimes, send the greatest message. Generosity is not confined to financial assistance.

Misconception: Contentment denies you of promising opportunities, thus leading to poverty.

Fact: Contentment does NOT deny you of promising opportunities. It only prevents you from making decisions that may cost you your integrity, or decisions that'd add an unnecessary burden to your life.

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To be very honest, I would never want to be very rich. Over the years, I have seen what that does. When you have just enough, you need a little more, but if you are very rich, then everyone wants a piece and you'll have more outgoing cash to ensure that all your incoming cash keeps your wallet full to keep the outgoing cash flowing. The more you make, the more you spend.
Personally, I want just enough to live comfortably where I am and have enough to invest in the future of technologies I believe in, work for myself, build a development business to help and promote code and technology in my community.