Reflect upon Yourself

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It has been so long since I last made a Motivational Post. So today it is Motivational Wednesday.


Today I spent the entire Day reflecting upon myself as once in a while I like to hold myself Responsible for all the things I have done. Reflecting on Yourself is almost a must if you want to be True to Yourself. The one Principle that I follow in life is to never Lie to myself and Reflecting helps me with that.


Importance of Reflecting Upon yourself

Reflecting is what I believe is an important Aspect of life, as it comes with the knowledge that every one of us is living in his/her very own world which is a Subjective Reality, that is filtered by our Awareness. Reflecting allows us to recognize these biased mindsets, discover the truth and allows us to spot misbehavior or mistakes we have committed.


So do you Reflect your Thoughts to Yourself?
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I particularly consider that if you get to know yourself thoroughly, you will know how to understand others and the reality that surrounds you, In this hurried life that we have lived, the knowledge of oneself can be considered an indispensable piece to be able to navigate through life with greater fullness and enjoyment of it.
Knowing ourselves well we can know our shortcomings, our limitations and in this way avoid swampy terrain where your less developed skills are shipwrecked. In that way and with patience we can achieve better. But we can also reinforce our skills, our gifts, so that they bring us closer to excellence.

incredible motivation, if life is full of mindset because if we do not think something we want then we will not succeed, may I be friends with you.

Good to see you again after your health check up. I hope everything is normal.

Nice [email protected], reflection is very vital, you reflect on your life, how far you've gone and how far you planned to attain, what you have done wrong and how to make it right. All these are very necessary.

My friend in life it is always important to take appraisal of all we have been doing as it helps in knowing how to hit the step or phase of our lives. Thats is exactly what reflection does for us.

Lately i was reflecting on my life generally ranging from relationship with people to my work life and ethics and even how i can achieve the success i desire here on steemit as a blogger it dawned on me that i have to double my effort and be disciplined about it.

The subject matter of reflection is wide and requires real character to maintain.

I use cars as model for reflection in the sense that the reverse mirror help us to have clear view of the back when we make reverse to have clear way before making the headway forward.

Thanks for inspiring me and making me know that i have alot to achieve ahead me.

You are one of my role models here on steemit.

Thanks for keeping it real with us all here.

Salutations to you.

I am me @brightfame