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About a week ago I gave my Mom her brand new Sewing Machine and although I wasn't there to see the excitement in my mom's eyes I knew she was happy. Now it has been 6 days and my Mom is already out with her new product, courtesy of the brand new Sewing Machine.

Yes guys my Mom made a Mask which looks very comfy if I may add. I have to say that the mask does look pretty colorful and cool at the same time. Now that my mom has made a Mask for herself I guess it's now my turn to get a Custom Made Mask as well. I just hope that my mom uses a little bit of darker colors for making my mask as I don't like Red a lot. I also asked her if she wanted to sell them online as I feel like the masks do look good and can fetch some cash. Of course, it's not going to be N95 Masks, it's just gonna be a basic mask but my Mom just doesn't wanna go that route. So I guess my Mom is happy with just being able to create clothing and I am happy if she is happy.



A mask that always helps us. you have made very good mask

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