Control Your Anger

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Anger has never been​ Productive in any way​. It has always had the tendency to be Destructive rather than Helping You. I know Anger is a feeling and we can't just through​ it away infact sometimes it sticks with us forever. That being said controlling Your Anger is something you could try doing.


Things to Do

1. Try to stay away from Things that might Agitate You in any way​.

2. If by any chance you get Angry to ​try to​ Walk it Off.

3. While you are in the​ State of Anger think about a Safe Place that exists only for You.

4. If you have Anger Issues it would be better if you Stayed away from Cigarettes, Alcohol and other forms​ of Drugs.

5. Regular Exercise helps you in Disciplining your Anger.

6. Last but not Least try to meditate.


I hope you guys liked this Short Post of MIne.
See you Guys in my Next Post.

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Well in times it is hard to get control over it !But yeah getting control over the feeling of anger will be productive in the coming times !


It will indeed be a Helpful​ tool in Future.

Very nice.. we need to know all these tips.
Upvoted and Resteemed.

Good article @arunava.Getting angry is inability to deal with the situation. If that happens repetitively, it may be a sign of stupidity. Don’t be stupid, don’t be angry


You could call it Stupidity but sometimes you cannot Control it as it might come Via Genes.

Yes, ​that is also an Option.

I have a little problem with anger 😓
but little by little, I think, I'm working it better.
Thanks for the tips! 😊

I'm following you 👍


I remember I used to have a lot of Problem. I don't usually get Angry but once I do get Angry it messes up anything I did at that Time, I even had a close Accident while I was Driving.

So I use the Breathing Technique whenever​ I feel Angry to relieve myself.

I used to get angry a lot, but over the years I have mellowed down and that reflects in my social life


Great for you @svkrulze

I love this. Straight to the point. I got angry at my friend over the phone some days ago, I just told her we'll talk the following day and went to sleep. So I guess I avoided continuing the conversation at that time when I was angry to prevent me from blowing up. Wonderful post.


Walking away when you are angry is a sign that you still had Good Judgement.

Short and inspiring, the end product of anger is always destruction, that's why it has to be controlled. Thanks for given this short and effective way of controlling anger .


I hope I was helpful in some way.

You are right i have solid believe on patience because anger is not key to success and thanks for such good lesson containing posts keep it up @arunava


You said it Nicely Anger is certainly not the Key to success.

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Break everything releases anger :D .


Hehe, ​nice way to say it.

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Nice tips @arunava bro.
We can not get success in our life if we become angry every time.