The Legends @bleedpoet and @dan-atstarlite

in life •  2 months ago

IMG_20180824_194825.jpgIMG_20180824_194745.jpglol cause I knew Dan wanted this shot on the internet. LOL
So that moment when two grown men try to have a shadow battle on the back trees and instead of taking pictures of the trees I shot them rolling around like kids.
IMG_20180824_230211.jpgIMG_20180825_004014.jpgIMG_20180824_230234.jpgIMG_20180824_230228.jpgIMG_20180824_230222.jpgThat happened.

Then we sang Kumbaya and a bunch of other great songs around a camp fire.

It was a glorious and beautiful night.

Thank you boys and fam jam.

You have brought me great happiness and my trip has only started.

Thankful to have met you.

See you at the Steemit meetup in Toronto tomorrow night.

It's going to be FUCKEN LEGEND!

Cheers and much LUV,

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Awesome pics of the Full Moon... nice post
for real, I need to do something like this soon and just chill outside and offline


Best night I have had in ages. :-) wish I could repeat it a dozen more times.

Am loving this trek you're on!


Tomorrow I meet @jaybird and maybe @brian-rhodes, should be fun!


It's a freaking blast to connect with fellow Steem peeps :)

Beautiful photography post I like this photography is very interesting and this is very wonderful in your life I appreciate your beautiful creativity thanks for sharing this beautiful blog


Cheers, thanks ^_^

Wow. Very Wonderful photo..lovely lovely friend