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I love this girls camera, I want one!!
IMG_20180930_193750.jpg I would love to hold my pictures in my hand after I take them.
IMG_20180930_193802.jpg I might be hanging out with these two girls today. Gave her my number anyways.
IMG_20180930_193315.jpg She is traveling soon with her boyfriend, she seemed like she thought my advice was sound.
It feels good to empower a young woman.
IMG_20180930_174610.jpgIt was an unexpected friendship after I took shelter from the rain.
It is nice to know I can make friends in the world, I am out of practice. Most all of my friends are my husband's and so I must get my act together and make chit chat where I can. Once people strike up a conversation they see I am not so scary.





Well do you love me yet?

How far must I go for you?

After this I hit Emmett Ray's. You are lucky because it is close-ish to you.
I have found my favorite watering hole

Jazzy jazz - mindfuck indie players - blues standards and surprises.

Favorite place In Toronto.

You want to see me?

You will have to prepare yourself for Harvey.

I only have enough energy, for that or solitude.


5th to 8th
See you,

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The truth also I want a camera of those is very nice

I like that photo where the castle is behind the trees and the flag of canada in the castle I like that picture is like a movie the truth that you are in a very nice place

Buildings and streets look very European. Nice perspectives, Artwatch! Camera is cool too :)

That is an adorble camera and that is My colour I love that robin's egg blue shade.

Nice little insight there :D


What insight did you get here?


A little insight into the weather, bars, people and general all round artwatch.
Looks like a nice place :D