Six Guidelines to Proper Thinking Part 2

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The Eagle is one of the most majestic of all birds. It is a raptor, which is considered a bird of prey. While eagles are categorized into four major groups, there are over 60 species of eagles. All eagles possess strong beaks and powerful talons for ripping and tearing of flesh. Some genus measurements are:

• Body mass6.7 kg (14 ¾ lbs.)
• Total length 100 CM (3ft. 3 in.)
• Median wingspan 218.5 cm ( 7ft. 2in.)

Because of their size and strength, in the avian world they are classified as apex predators. The largest recorded animal carried away by an eagle weighed 15 pounds (a mule deer fawn).
Not all birds are nesting birds. Eagles are among those that do. Eagle nests are called eyries. The bald eagle typically builds its nest in tall trees. The average bald eagle nest is 4 to 5 feet in diameter and 2 to 4 feet deep. The largest recorded was 9.5 ft in diameter, 20feet deep and weighed almost 3 tons. Needless to say, it took years to build something that humongous. The nest is where the eagle nurtures its young and also where it brings its victims to consume.

Eagle Prey.jpg

Thoughts come and go. Like a bird flying through the air, they fly in, through and past our mind. Now imagine the thoughts that come to you is an eagle and your mind is a tree. This eagle is looking to build a nest in your mind. Is the eagle a bird of prey looking to swoop in, attack, and consume your peace of mind? Or is it the majestic creature that comes to inspire you? What about the nest that is being built in your mind? Are your thoughts nurturing or destructive? Have the negative thoughts over the years become a monstrosity that weighs you down?

There is the anecdote that says the following:

• who we are
• where we are in life
• what we become
• what we accomplish

All begins with our thoughts.

In Part 1, we began our list by declaring that proper thinking has a flow to it. There is structure and a foundation that needs to be in place.

Here are a few more guidelines to produce proper thinking. Things we should be thinking on.

  1. Things that are righteous. This has to do with conduct that is morally right or justifiable; virtuous. If thoughts shape our character then one can readily see the importance of those thoughts being righteous. The idea that one should be morally right in their conduct starts with the understanding of right versus wrong.

  2. Things that are pure. To be pure in thought is to have thoughts that are not contaminated. Negative thoughts can become poison to our spirit. This not a ode to the power of positive thinking. However, it is about changing our perspective.

Thoughts To Grow On

• Are your thoughts nurturing to your spirit? Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves.

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