Find the Sun - Energy Meditation & the Elements

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I love energy meditation.  One of the easiest ways to practice is to tune in to the elements.  If you open up the time for yourself, your body will know what to do.  

You are always reading energy and exchanging energy even if you are not aware of it.   

You can create a beautiful energy feeling and restore your inner balance by developing your awareness and spending time with the natural elements you are lacking.  

When was the last time your energy felt beautiful - pure, flowing, smooth, refined, sweet, fresh, fragrant, open, balanced, peaceful, unlimited...?  This is where we want to get to with our energy meditation practice. 

This post is about connecting with the energy of the fire element.

The Fire element supports:

  1. Liver function and metabolism;  
  2. Creativity; and 
  3. The emotional feeling of warmth. 

When your fire element is low  you may feel sluggish in the digestion and unmotivated.  You may have lost your creative spark; be low on enthusiasm; and struggle to get useful ideas.  At an emotional level you might feel a bit isolated and contracted.  It will be hard to feel generous or giving.   

On the other hand, when your fire element is balanced, you'll be feeling creative, enthusiastic about life, passionate, orgasmic, motivated, warm, active, generous and joyful.   

Some easy things I like to do to boost my fire energy are:  

  • Find a spot in the sun to sit quietly for a few minutes
  • Cook over an open flame or sit by a fire
  • Bake a cake to share with friends
  • Eat spicy foods
  • Have a Sauna
  • Wear the colour red
  • Dance with joy

When you do these simple things with active awareness and appreciation of the presence of fire energy you can increase the positive result in your energy field.

Energy Meditation practice is a very natural and healthy thing to do.  Even people that don't practice meditation have an innate understanding of what's going on.   When their fire element is low, they'll use words like "I've lost my creative spark."   Or when their fire element is charged up, they'll say "I've got a fire in my belly"  or  "I'm on fire!"  Listen out for these expressions.  

You will be naturally attracted to the elements you need most.

Monks at a Japanese Temple in Odiwara prepare for the annual Fire Ceremony.


Margot Duncan (Ph.D) is an artist, author and chi enthusiast who loves to explore art, intuition and energy meditation.     Follow me @artofchi 

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