What does it takes to be Successful?

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What makes you tick? What is it that motivates you? Gives you joy? That keeps you `spinning out’ what you do, time after time? 

The road to fame:

Expect a long road to fame. There will be lots of twists and turns in the road. 

  • Sometimes what you’re doing doesn’t work out. Then you have to change the way and how you do things. Make lists of what has to be done and how they could possibly be achieved. 
  • Be prepared for when surprises and opportunities arrive expectantly. Think what people consider fantastic and impressive, to attract attention to your project or website. 
  • Other people may wonder why you do certain things, but in your estimation, each of those activities is in preparation for opportunities to occur. 
  • Don’t give up. Smell the roses and enjoy every moment of what you do. Remember what you do from day to day, is part of your life’s journey! 

And once you’re famous:

Everyone one ill ant a piece of you! Your life won’t be your own. What do I mean by that? 

Look at it, like this:

  1. When an author writes a book for the first time and people liked it, they want to read another of your books. So the publisher asks you to write another. 
  2. So you spend time writing another book. And that one is a great hit too! 
  3. What happens then, I that people want another and another, quicker and quicker, until you have to think up and write faster and faster, to keep up with the demand and expectations of the public.  
  4. And it gets harder and harder, more difficult to think up something worthwhile to write. And stress plays havoc on your health, etc.

Another example: 

If you become a great actor or actress... 

  1. You not only have to perform well from one film to the next, but you have to always be on your best behaviour and dress well, where ever you go. You never know when cameras will be trained on you. You home become a `jail’! 
  2. People stop you at malls and pester you. As a celebrity you are often expected to attend formal occasions, events and parties. Until there is no spare time for yourself, to do your thing in peace. 

Are you up for it?

Are you a strong enough character, to cope with all you have to do? Keep to schedules, work under stress, etc. 

You need to know what motivates you:

That something powerful… 

  • What is your passion? What is that you love doing? 
  • What’s that inner `grit’ that keeps you going, from day to day, still smiling no matter what! 

KNOW THAT… before taking the road to fame and fortune. Know what that something is, that will sustain you through thick and thin, month after month. It will be your fortified foundation to success. 

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What great tip you have , now i just need to do it

If you try heart and soul you will success one-day. More try you gain more success. Thqnks @artguru

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Hardworking is main key of our success. Without hardworking your can't achieve your life goals. Thanks for sharing great tips about success.

Thanks for sharing this post.I appreciate your life.

Yes I appreciate..and if you hard work day by day, you will prosper your life and shine your life..
That's it .
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Hard work this is the main key

That's a actual post which is great inspiration post for all other people..just mind blowing.. keep it up ..

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post I follow your pot and I get totall inspiration from your post..just like it your all post..@artguru..

Cool concept about successful and I like it @artguru..
Carry on your activities..

That's a cool post..so very helpful post for us .
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I think to be alive is to succeed :)

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great post my dear friend a cool post