Want to be Famous quickly?

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Up till now you’ve been living in obscurity? Perhaps in a cave or a little hut down the road, in the wilds of the unknown out back? ;P 

There is so much to say on this topic, that I think we’ll have to make it a whole new series!  

So let us will start with….


First be popular locally:

You have to first do something spectacular!

They say, “You have to be a big fish in a small pond, before you can go down stream to the sea!” 

And you want fame and fortune quickly, did you say?  

Well, then you’ll have to learn how to, `swim out to sea and become a BIG whale?’ 

One of the quickest ways to do that… is go on TV …and let everyone know who you are and what you do. 

But TV presenters don’t:

Like presenting a guest that hasn’t yet become well known locally for some reason or other. 

  1. You must have a talent or skill that made you an expert in your own field or career.
  2. You must be an interesting fascinating person. And looked completely relaxed. 
  3. Be able to speaker well and know how to answer questions quickly and easily.  

Can you talk openly and freely on your topic?

Are you very shy and your mind goes blank when the spotlight is on you, when in front of everyone? And you have to answer… or look silly!  

  1. The best thing to do then; is to forget about the camera men or the millions of people watching out there. Block them out and the whole world out there too… you don’t want them crowding the scene! 
  2. Rather look at the presenter and consider them as your friend. Like you’re chatting and sharing with a best friend and you can laugh if you so wish. 

In preparation for that possible TV moment of fame! 

Write some essays to give you some idea how to introduce yourself on TV: 

  • People want to know how you got to this point in your life. So write down what events occurred you think that made a difference in your progress, to achieving what you have. 
  • Who supported, championed, trained or helped you, to get where you are today? Was anything they said that made an impression on you, to achieve the way you have? 
  • Are your family proud of you and what you do? What do your friends say or boss say about you? 
  • What is your normal day like? Write down how much time you spend per day or week on your talent? And how you go about your day? 
  • · What do you like doing the most? How do you feel when you do it? What does it mean to you? 

So that things are clear in your mind… of whom you are, and what your life is like. 

How much do you know about your topic?

Know your stuff!  

Here in preparation, write a book on your experiences, in the field of your expertise.  

  • Describe the steps you took, to achieve what you have. From when you were little, during your training years and experiences while working on your craft. 
  • Was there any opposition to what you were doing? How were you opposed or discouraged? What did people say that was demoralizing? How did you overcome this? 
  • People would like to know how you did it, how you made it to the top, in spite of everything. Because they want tips how to achieve it too. 
  • Describe the techniques you use. Include demos and pictures how it was done. And the strange things people do to achieve their goals and ambitions.
  • Write of the adventures you’ve had along the way. The thrills and spills, shocking and dramatic stuff. Maybe you lived on very little, so you could afford to do what you did! And the outcome of what happened in the end of each experience. 
  • Even write the funny things that happened at school because of your interest in that type of craft. And also the silly things that happened while working at what you do. Those experiences should be express in such a way that the audience will be `rolling in the isles, laughing fit to kill themselves’! 

All this will help you express yourself more effectively to the TV presenter. And give you confidence to talk on any aspect of your topic, if you are asked unexpected questions in your TV interview, when the time comes. And it is always wise to be prepared for the unexpected! 

To stay famous:

You have to keep yourself in the limelight.

Now don’t laugh, but that book you wrote, could possibility become a best seller one day! 

…. And then you’ll have to present that on TV too! Oh well, what it is to be famous! 

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I rather to stay anonymous


Oooh! Me too. That's why I haven't pursued the BIG lights!
You see I did become somewhat famous locally. And I can tell you, it's hard work keeping up with the demands of the public. They want more and more of what you do. Then your life isn't your own!

Wow that's a awesome successful Road... Very fantastic road..


Notice it was a painted road! You `paint' it as you like!
And that it starts with a shadow! At the start of our striving for fame, you're working in the shadow of obscurity!
And notice the sky out there, where you're aiming at your success. It can be dark, if you don't light up the world with your fascinating personality!

Really this helpful post and I gain knowledge from this post @artguru..
Thanks for sharing your details and your valuable speaking...
Go ahead and I will wait for your next post..


Aaah, but have you thought about what spectacular thing you can do?

Great post I say 1st and famous quick is a one very exciting moment whish not to gain by everyone so this is very good think and I believe that try to provide your own successful if try it .


But it's how hard we try! How hard we work at it!
And a little secret... Nothing happens quickly, unless you `push the envelope forward'!

Wow that's a great post to provide in this platform Really I am now to see your post actually I am follow your every and like it so Carry on dear @artguru..
I will support all time..


It's a scary road to success and fame. Are you ready for it?!

Yes you say right and I think that all succeed depend on their successful activities..
So this contribution so helpful for us..
Thanks for sharing your opinion..


Yip, if you don't do anything dynamically spectacular... nothing happens.

"Like you’re chatting and sharing with a best friend and you can laugh if you so wish".. Seems to be great ways not to get nervous.Thanks :)


You know what, I get suddenly shy and speechless when everyone one has their eye on me and I'm in the spotlight. So I know what it feels like. And whatever I was going to say, I shorten it so much, that afterwards I wonder if anyone actually understood what I said!
So learning to chat like we are friends, helps me to overcome my nervous reaction.

This is the quick line ....

Thank you so much for sharing your post..
This is really cool post..
Hopefully you post so very exciting ..
Like it @artguru

Very attractive post dear I appreciate your post and this post is very informative..
So thanks for sharing this post..
Keep it up and carry on your activities..

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Brightness can't hide ......
Such a way talent also can't hide if someone have talent so no one can stop himm

it's great post my dear friend @artguru

Confidence is more important in our life.Really very wonderful successful road.Your paintings always valuable.We gain knowleage everytime everywhere.You are so talented woman.Your contribution always help us.Thanks for sharing this great article.@artguru.

Yes! All your points are valid and u do agree that everyone should be known for their work and activities,which depends the most. And I do believe that there are people who do good work and doesn't get any popularity & reward but still they are happy and has a satisfaction from there work, because they believe they are adding something from their side to the society and people around them. But I do believe that there are people who want to be famous about their minimal good acts but in real they are doing something bad to the society or people around them.
Overall a very positive post!