Making your own path in life!

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The moment we accept ourselves and our peculiar personality, we start to realize our uniqueness is in fact an important factor to benefit from.


And that we can use it to our advantage:

If we open up and make a point of enjoying ourselves, it isn’t long before life becomes more exciting. Opportunities start opening up for us. We achieve more and go places we never thought we would go before. 

  • When we start to value our aptitudes, no matter how big or small they may be, we know we are special in our own way. And have a right to laugh out loud and speak freely just like everyone else.
  • And after a while we begin to realize we no longer care what other people may or may not think about us. Because we realize everyone has their own issues to deal with. 

Handling nasty situations:

  • If anyone is nasty and loves making trouble, remember evil begets evil. So don’t make their problem, your problem. Don’t carry their nasty bundle on your shoulders!
  • In fact, if we work on our own attitude and improve our aptitudes and use them more effectively… we can trade on them. 
  • Using our good points gets us more, than been negative.  For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 

It helps to get to know ourselves:

And what makes us tick:

  • What do we love doing most? What skill or hobby do we have that we could use?
  • What are we so passionate about? Could we use that passion to write better blogs? 
  • What is stopping us from doing or getting what we want most? 
  • What is a greatest weakness? Could we work on it and make it our greatest strength? 
  • How do we cope under stress? Could we make a point of remembering to stay calm under those circumstances? 
  • Could you use your energy levels to your advantage? When are your energy levels at their highest? And when are they at their lowest? During the day, morning or the afternoon? Sort activities accordingly, so you get more done in your day. 
  • How do we look at life? Do we go with the flow of life and see beauty in things all around us? 

Making your own mark on life:

Let you `light’ shine brightly. Be light hearted, friendly and outgoing.  

Make a point of looking at things around more clearly and you will find beauty in everything. You’ll find after a while your creative juices starts working overtime and inspiration flows like a fountain! 

Don’t be scared to share what you know and help others. He that watereth shall be watered also himself. Proverbs 11:25. It’s like when you water the garden, don’t you find you somehow seem to land-up watering yourself as well! Giving always comes back tenfold! 

Make more use of your talents. Somewhere, somehow display it and an opportunity will come for you. 

Making use of your uniqueness:

Dull uninteresting people and mundane stuff gets no attention. You’re just lost in the overwhelming crowd out there.

  • But when you produce something that’s unique and exciting, it stands out in a crowd. That uniqueness becomes your hallmark and brand.

Your uniqueness should be treasured:

Enjoy been who you are. It makes you more relaxed and vital. So when you write blogs, people are able to pick up on your cheerfulness, through your relaxed enthusiastic jargon.

So let your personally shine. People will begin to notice and be drawn to you. And from you, they will want to know how come you’re so successful?!  

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Seriously, you should be an "Inspiration Coach".

What you say makes so much sense because everyone is unique, and has specific answers to the questions you pose. And, sometimes we have to shift when our lives shift for some reason, and find other unique parts of ourselves.

Our uniqueness can be in more than one area. There are times when we may not find a certain unique thing about ourselves until a certain situation arises. Then, we can take advantage of that situation by thinking of what makes us unique to that particular situation.

I did not see my own uniqueness this way until I read your post. Thank you for pointing out the not-so-obvious.

I upvote and follow you now.


Yes, the curve balls we get sent to us, often wake us up to realize who we really are. Each curve ball has a lessen to learn from. Somewhere, where we can improve upon our lives.

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Very inspiring article. Love to read more.


You can read lots more. Just check all my blogs @artguru. Each topic has its own theme icon image.

I feel like writing a ton now lol

always inspirational and motivational posts!

Exactly everyone has to be original version of themselves

Good post:)
See mine either plz:) then you got a luck day!

Good post !!! Good luck....


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Value for value!

Good post:)

Pretty inspiring! Thank_you