From little things, BIG things happen!

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BIG things happen because little things were done. From little events, suddenly dynamic situations occur. 


Some people, who frequent this site, wanted to know how to become successful, and support their family, under these serious dramatic times we live in.  

So I’m running a blog series on it. Somewhere in all I say, there may be something that will spark off an idea that you could use. 

My last blog told of how: What you do locally can cause you to become famous through a TV show appearance. But it takes years locally to achieve that. So I’m going to discuss the grassroots of that success. 

  • Success doesn’t just fall into our laps from the open blue sky above! 

Everything we do has consequences!

  • If we do nothing, nothing happens. 
  • If we do bad or negative things, that’s what we get in return. 
  • If we work, doing and creating something, anything, even if it’s a small thing, it lays the foundation for greater things to build upon. 


  • You may not believe this, but try it: Pull your face into a smile. What happens? You and others feel happy instantly, in spite of what’s happening around you. Wear a frown and the opposite happens! So it’s you choice how to live your life. 
  • Plant some seeds in the ground and water it. After a while it grows. If you continue to water and tend it, you get to enjoy the harvest, whether its vegetables, a fruit tree or beautiful flowers. 

Start on the right foot:

We are what we think. If you have a thought, you tend to act on it. From small inspired thoughts and ideas, greater things can happen. 

Here is a true story:

Our youngest daughter while attending junior school saw an opportunity and did something about it. She took her small pocket money and bought two or three sweets. Couldn’t remember how many now. 

Instead of eating them herself, she sold them at school, at a slightly higher price. After that, she took the money she got and bought more sweets and sold those too. She repeated that, until the school authorities told her to stop. Because they said, she was doing much better than the school tuck-shop! 

And… that didn’t stop her. She bought some small beads and made bracelets and sold those at school. And once she grew up and started working (at a medical aid firm) she sold the most exciting designed jewelry you can imagine, in her spare time. 

Things didn’t stop there. Through her experience, she learnt that effort produces greater things. She has just finished studying horticulture and garden design, while been a mother and housewife. Just because her fascination of nature inspired her, she had taken a little fir tree seed and grown it as a child, just to see how it grew!  

I often wonder if she did all that, because of a story I told years ago. She may have heard it. It goes like this: 

The comic kid:

You see, there was this little boy in America, years ago, who bought a comic. When he was finished reading it, he let other children read it too at school. …But charged them a cent more than he bought it for, to read it. 

Keeping the money from that round of successful activity, he bought another comic. Then he had two comics in circulation. After a while, he had several comics in circulation. The end of the tale: After school, he became a successful business man and a millionaire. 

That reminds me of another young boy I knew… 

The stock exchange kid:

He didn’t buy or sell anything. His father was an accountant and must have instilled in him how to handle his pocket money.  

He asked for money instead of birthday and Christmas gifts. By the time he was in high school, he was investing his money in the stock exchange. When he got married, he could buy his own house for cash!  

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Ammm i wait some big things will happen to me..


This isn't about waiting. It's about doing something, that you can enjoy doing.

Those stories are certainly inspiring. Here in Venezuela, a country that received many immigrants from all over the world, especially from Europeans involved in WWII, when people started to complain about the advantages these foreigners had and all their money and success, there was always a self-made man story to shut all those complaining voices.

Peoples have short memory and must always be reminded of the past. That’s why totalitarian governments invest so much in propaganda and in rewriting history. They erased the past and substitute it for one that is convenient for their ideologizing purposes.

There was always a story (before the chavista revolution), and I think all of us had witnessed one of these stories one way or another, of a turco (Turkish, we called Turkish any middle-easterner, the category was extended to Portuguese, Italians and basically any white foreigner) who arrived to our country with nothing, without even speaking the language. They started as peddlers, selling items for store owners; they would eat little to save money to buy more items to resell.

Little by little, they would stop walking around and start selling on a bike, then a motorcycle, and finally a car. They would go to the most remote places, and give people furniture on credit (at a time inflation was not a problem) and religiously go collecting every week or every month, patiently getting their money back, plus some interest.

That was the only way a farmer would be able to afford a mattress or a closet.

Next thing you know these turcos had their own stores, built their own buildings and became millionaires.

The narrative changed with the arrival of the left and all these people and their descendants were presented as exploiters, responsible for the poverty of the majority. For 20 years people were instilled the idea that the government should provide them with everything. That the riches of the country are supposed to be distributed equitably. That’s why some Venezuelans are having such a hard time now in other countries. They forgot how to work hard.

Turcos would tell us, when asked how they got their fortunes, that on Saturdays and Sundays, while we were in the beaches wasting the money we earned during the week, they were making money selling us all the beach items we demanded.


Thanks for telling us this. And even in our own country of South Africa, people got lazy, don't want to work and then expect lots. Buildings are becoming ran-shackled and no one cares.
You basically got the main idea of what I have in my next blog... But you can see what our immigrant guy did to grow rich.

I rather to stay anonymous


Willing to sit back and let your life go from day to day!? You can't be worried about survival like the rest of us. Or be interested in the world around you like my daughter.

Wow that's a awesome successful Road... Very fantastic road..


I painted the road. But we can 'paint' a successful road and achieve great things.

Great write up. You are right that it is from little things, we find big things. If we do not do nothing, we can not achieve anything so we remain nothing instead of us to become something. Try to do something. Start from little things, it is from little things, you tend to do big things


Yip. That's right. The more things we try our hands at, the more possibility there is to succeed at something.

A blog which can inspire and motivate anyone who could ever imagined about anything in life and if they didn't tried, they can try it now! Because life never stop teaching us new things and ideas.
And your vigorous TITLE, "From little things big things happens" remind me of a proverb used in our country which says that "Little drops of water can jointly make an ocean ".
Your title,blog and this ancient proverb can motivate us far more to do anything in our life which we can start with just a small little step.


I must tell you: I have achieved a lot in my life through starting out with doing the little things, until they became something big or are completed.
Even though at the time things seemed impossible and unobtainable! I had so much opposition and criticism... and the shaking of head. Now people are impressed with what I do. So I laugh to myself... Believe in yourself...

Really this helpful post and I gain knowledge from this post @artguru..
Thanks for sharing your details and your valuable speaking...
Go ahead and I will wait for your next post..


The next blog, will be on how another guy grew an empire out of practically nothing.

Hardworking is main part of our success. Without hardworking you can't achieve your life goals. Some times your friends and family support you. You achieve your life goals. Very beautiful road. Thanks for sharing @artguru.


You know it doesn't have to be HARD work, if you enjoy what you do.

Wish I had a talent for managing money.
'If we do nothing, nothing happens'...This seems to be a valuable lesson that we should bear in mind. Thanks a lot:)


Well, it's not all that difficult. Use what you have more wisely.

Yes this is the way slowly and safety


Yes, beginnings start slowly, with little steps, with the little things we decide to do.

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