Feel like you’re not getting anywhere?

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Where are you? Do you really have to move to somewhere else to become successful?!


Feel like you are trapped…

Perhaps living in your small time town? Feel you are living far out, away from where you could possibly make it BIG time? 

  • Feel you could do better where everything is happening and where people are more likely to buy your ‘product’? 
  • Or feel insignificant and lost in a huge city where everyone is strangers? Where there are so many trading laws and restrictions preventing you from operating your possible business?

 Whatever you’re thinking, it could be very expensive, dramatically stressful and unnecessary to move. 

So… How can you get well known in your own community and sell your product or skills? 

Bloom where you are!

Like a flower, you need to nourish and water the plant to make it grow from seed. 

  1. Look more carefully at what you already have and how you can use it. `Nourish and water’ your possibilities. 
  2. Use your skills to improve on it. Make it so beautiful and extraordinary, that people start to notice your talents. 
  3. Don’t wait for something to happen. Be your best right now, where you are. 

And shine where you are:

  • Make up your mind to enjoy what you do. Put energy and enthusiasm into it. This will brighten your countenance. 
  • Tidy up your act. Un-clutter your home. Give away what you don’t need any more, that you’re no longer using. A tidy space helps one to think more logically to organize your time. And simplicity makes things look more rich and dramatic.
  • Like a stage production, act and dress the part. You’re the producer of the stage creation. Change the way you speak, put more enthusiasm into your speech. 

Build your own community:

That will be your stage to act upon. 

  1. Put a poster up at the general store or library advertising your talents. Even do demonstrations at the library, flea-market or auction market, wherever people hang out most. 
  2. Invite people to take lessons with you. The more people enjoy your lessons, the more likely you will become well known. 

Let your community blossom:

Because it’s fun to be at your house, after a while it naturally turns into a club, where people feel they can come and express themselves.  

  • If there are open discussions about what they’ve learnt, they start to enjoy relating and sharing their experiences. When we share, unity is formed and bonds created. 
  • When people participate in something, they feel they own it and membership blossoms

Side note: This not only happens at your house or little town. This can happen when you blog on the internet too! 

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I love reading your tips , giving a lot of motivation


You know we can talk a lot on this topic, hear about over a long period of time. But get nowhere, until something clicks with you. Maybe it is said in a different way, perhaps something very small, that strikes more importantly to you. That shakes you to the core. Gets you really thinking.
That's why we should have more of an open mind... there is always something we can learn out there that we can use.

Everyone has unique skills. So you can do better with your abilities. But try to understand and read what you are


Yip, access what your abilities and then decide which areas you can improve on, before moving forward.

The Internet is a big market and you can grow your business while sitting at you home, or in your office, you just need the mindset to do the things that are looking difficult for you to do.


That's it, Mindset: Changing our mind set. And even if you are doing well, sometimes we have to stop and do that, to get to another level.

Yep:) hard work, self belief and a positive mindset allows us to achieve any goal! I’m getting very close to where I want to be!


It's lovely to hear someone else is improving their lot in life. It's very encouraging. Thank you for saying that.

You have explained very nicely, hope we can see many motivational blog in near future.


It's funny, but when one is helping others, your learn somethings yourself in the process, maybe it's a reminder to our selves as well.

hard work is the key to success, it doesn't matter you do it sitting at home or outside. Keep working, you will be succeeded.


Yip, always have something to work with. And most of all, enjoy doing it, while you are doing it. And re-assess where it's taking you.

That's a absolutely motivational post thanks for sharing the details and i appreciate your post.. keep it up ..


Yes, to stand up where you are and be counted worthy. Someone special in your own right.

i reading your tips. thank you for sharing this post.

great work my dear friend @artguru

Yes ! I gain knowledge from this post.. thanks for sharing your motivational.. keep it up..

Hey @atguru that's great post to provide in this platform really i appreciate your post.. thanks for sharing..

This is the beautiful place for traveling ..
Best of luck..


I don't think you read the post. It wasn't about travelling. It was working better where you are.

Hey @artguru that's great place just looking very attractive..to continue your motivational post..

Really great tips for us..
I follow your every post. So i Will Wait for your next post..

Wow specially thanks for sharing this your absolute post which every gain knowledge from this post..

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Wow!! Really,,This is a enjoyable and interesting trips..
You always share in your beautiful moment..so, Thanks a lot sharing this..
So,, Thanks a



I like this your motivational post actually i gain knowledge from post .