Expecting the best!

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And you will get it! The power of believe in yourself… and others will believe it too! They will feel that power… running through you. It’s as though you have a light radiating from within.


It’s funny,

  • But if you think negative thoughts, negative things happen. 
  • But if you think positive thoughts, positive things tend to happen! 

        According to that… the mind is a powerful thing!

But maybe I’m stubborn:

When I have a problem and I can’t accept it. I think to myself, there must be an answer on how to fix it. And then I go all out, doing lots of research, until I find a way to sort it out. 

  1. First, there is a chance that the problem can be fixed by the firm whom you pay and whose responsibility it is run that department effectively and properly. But if they say it’s not their job description and refuse to help you, you will have to take it upon yourself to fix it anyway. 
  2. And that seems really scary because you have no idea of the technical stuff involved. You think to yourself, oh, dear, now how are you going to do what the technical guys may suggest?! 

But you’re so desperate, 

3. You got to do something and take action, whatever it may be. So what choices do you have? 

4. The next step ten-to-one is to go to internet forums where there are intelligent people who have the technical skills and have learnt how to fix things through their own experience. But what if what they say doesn’t work for you or because you don’t understand their technical jargon. What will you do? 

5. You carry on searching the internet. Even if takes all day or perhaps all week. And there are so many different solutions it makes your mind buzz. Which solution is the right one? And none seem to be working for you! 

What then?

6. You think and hope somewhere in the mix is an answer that suits your particular problem and circumstances.  Maybe you have to use different key search words? Usually the answer is staring you in the face. Right there, but at the moment you can’t find it!  

7. Maybe it’s because the experts left out a particular detail they took for-granted and thought everyone should know what they are talking about. Or they jump from one fact to another too quickly for you to follow. That’s when I could scream. Experts are like that you know. They forget there are many `Dummies’ out there that need uncomplicated, very simple clear instructions

That’s when it’s time to relax:

8. But can you calm down? The frustration tension has built up inside you, and it isn’t helping you. It’s blocking the way for the inspirational answer to get through to you. 

9. For me, that’s hard. I’m like a bull in a glass-china store. I can’t let my frustration go. I push and push (loosing many hours checking things out) until I’m really confused. Do you get like that? That’s when I’m forced to step back and relax

10. But if I do stop (even pray about it) and think with positive thoughts, that’s when things start to happen and fall into place.  

11. Maybe find a more understanding expert, that that goes a little more slowly with their description of how to do things. Leaving nothing out.  

12. And when that happens, I could kiss them! Bless them! Harrah, my problem is fixed and I’m off doing my-thing again.  

       Maybe all I have to do with the info is tweak it a little, to make it suit my needs. Then its happy days! 

Notice something?

In that description of looking for, finding and expecting help:  

  • We have to do something to make things happen. Things don’t just fall into your lap. Walla! 
  • Your positive attitude counts, because it motives you to achieve your goals.  
  • On the other hand, if you had thought negatively, had given up easily and quickly, and had sat back and cried, poor me! You wouldn’t have achieved anything! 
  • And that also reminds us, to consider not everyone understands technical jargon, and the need to explain things more clearly in future when we describe how to do something.
  • And with each problem we have, we learn how not to do something, more we learn how to do things… that’s how our skills grow from strength to strength. 


Belief is strong and powerful. If you expect to get good results, or desire something, they start to happen!   Even if… it takes some time and effort on your part. 

The more skills we have and use, the more people believe in you and what you are capable of! 

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Sometime expectations heart you badly.You expect positive reaction from others.But his reaction nagative.and oil painting really so wonderful.Not lose confidence.Trust in your self.You achieve everything in your life.Very beautiful combonations of colours.You blogs always inspired me.Great efford.I learn from your posts.Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


I think one has to think things out in your mind before making a decision. How could it work, etc before expecting anything.
But if you have a difficult problem, sometimes you have to leave it in the hands of God and trust his wisdom to set things right. Because you're in the dark woods and can't see the bigger picture (the whole world and connected problems to fix it) as He can!

People can get success in each and every situation they believe. Beautiful inspiration post. I liked it.


If you are a positive person, you tend to achieve more! Because you believe you can try things out or learn new things.

great writing my dear frend @artguru
I very much like how you explain things and how you explain yourself to self improvement and problem solving
great post


I must confess, sometimes following steps to fix a problem doesn't always work. Maybe there is a good reason why you shouldn't go down that road. Because God has other better plans for you.

I hope you are having a wonderful time!
I think every person can do a lot of faith in himself. It is possible to make the impossible thing possible to believe in yourself "If you think negative thoughts, negative things happen" I agree with your statement!
Inspiration - A good word is the power of weakness, the light of the light, the light torch in the darkness.


Yes inspiration is like a light shinning in the dark. A fantastic inspired idea is like a light was turned on.

Graceful and attractive oil painting it is which can catch a heart very easily. And your blogs are getting more appealing with these types of paintings.
And @artguru you know what I follow you in my writing and try to describe things like you do, I hope I will be better with time.
Lovely post!


I'm glad what I write is of help to you.
Oh, and the two images in this blog are actually watercolour paintings this time.

It is the fact that an event can not take everyone one way. Some people take negative or positive.
Positive quality people take positive and people of negative values ​​take it negatively. Your concept is very good about this and this is really true.
And your water colour paintings are looking nice.


Yes negative people will only see negative things in a positive statement. Because that's all they feel and have experiences in the past. They don't expect anything better.

expecting is a setup of your mind where are you go on. Every expection not will be done but some happend done.if your target is honest i think you should take a feedback in your expectation.

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Most times we expect instant results. But if it doesn't work straight away, maybe it needs some work on our part to make it happen. Then we learn something on the way.

So very true! Our mindset reflects our situation and daily health 😀 plus much more. After practising positive thoughts it becomes habit and a way of life - and an amazing way of life ! 😀🌅


Well said. After a while you trust your gut that you will find the answers.

Things happen like we think. Of we think positive. Things will be positive.
Its reality.


Yes, the law of positive, actually works. Contrary to what negative people think. So it's a reality of life.

Even if… it takes some time and effort on your part.

I can see you winking at this :)
More than expecting the best, I think you suggest working towards making the best happen.

Positive thinking is probably the key turning inside the ignition switch. Turning the car on is not enough to go places. Actions must follow and I know how paralyzing it can be to think about all the bad things that can happen if we move that car (we can run over people or animals, we can crash light post or run head into other cars, the car can break, we may get a ticket or two, and list goes on and on, becoming more absurd as we proceed).

On the other hand, we can just run our errand, get things done, and be back on time for dinner.
But of course, it does not always happen like that.

I think that more than thinking positively, what is difficult to overcome are the causes of our thinking negatively/paralysis.


I like how you said, "working towards making the best happen!"
And when you want a parking close to the supermarket at the Mall... if you think positive... most times you get a close parking.
It's like sending vibe messages over the ether of the air... Walla, there is the parking, just for you!!! How cool can that be!


Hahaha. Yes, That's a cool thing.

Hoping for the best and exciting the worst....

Very awesome art photography. ..

great post my dear frend @artguru
And wonderful writing

Wow that's a awesome art and design. ..

Basically, Their song is a loud ‘clean-collar or ‘two-puddly clean-collar’ sung in duet, the first bird giving the two immediately answered by the second bird with the puddly and repeated about eight times.


Why repeat a comment you had on another post?

Good job! You wrote really amazing. Thanks for the question. Basically, I'm working on a private company. Besides, there are photography often in the hobby. I am most interested in photography and art. However, photography has influenced you. In my opinion, the need for Friendships building is 'Belief'. For the first time, I visited your blog.
Thanks, Your blog is really awesome.

For a person to survive, such as light, air, water, oxygen, there is a need for friends too. Some people can not live alone. Everyone needs help or someone else in every step or step. And he needs a good man. Because we all know that 'live heaven with honesty and ruin with evil'.
So we must be careful about the friend selection
Thank you very much for your good suggestion.


Why repeat about friendships? This post was about believing in yourself!

Your watercolour paintings are mind blowing.
Exceptional paintings.
And you also said that 'if you think negative thoughts, negative things happen.
And if you think positive thoughts, positive things tend to happen!' its a really true.

However my mother did everything to insure I had no friends. Thankfully I had one. He was my best friend but unfortunately not so much these days. But I needed him, without him I would be an insecure mess too afraid to do anything at all.

Steem on,,!


Why repeat a comment from another post?

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Friendship is a big part of life. Life is nothing without friendship.

Very fantastic writing