Ever taken an inner-selfie?

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To know your self-worth! That you may build upon your strong points and grow you self-image! 

Different types of selfies:

  • Most people know what a selfie photo is! 
  • But how many people know what an inner-core selfie is? It’s taking an inner look at yourself and assessing who you really are. 

Your outer self-image:

Despite what your image is and what you look like. You may be short, fat with warts on your face, it doesn’t matter. It’s what you think of yourself that really counts. 

Years ago:

I lived in a woman’s hostel, so I could get to work more easily. I had to share a bedroom with two other young women.  

One was small, petite and everything was about her. She had a critical nature. Previously she had shaved off her eyebrow.  And then would make a big fuss if she penciled in her eyebrows crookedly. 

Each morning: Looking in the dressing table mirror, her temper rose with each time she rubbed out and tried to re-pencil her eyebrows, complaining how she would be late for work. And out the door she would go in a huff and never mixed with any of the other girls in the hostel. 

At other times she used to brag, how she bossed her huge brawny husband boyfriend around. And how she had to dolly-up and buy high-heel shoes to retch up to her boyfriend. And how hard it was to buy size three high-heel shoes! Blah, blah, going on about how she had to go from store to store to find what she wanted. 

The other woman was quietly spoken and of medium height. She was slightly plump and had a limp because one of her legs was very much shorter than the other, due to polio as a child. In spite of her hardships and disfigurement, she kept her side of the room neat and went quietly about her activities.  

This woman had a confident sweet friendly social nature. And interested in you personally, listening quietly to what other people had to say. She never complained and nothing was too hard for her to do for others.  Everyone loved her. 

The differences of nature:

  • What was the difference between these two women? 
  • Who was most popular? And Why? 

Social acceptance:

Are you concerned about people staring at you and saying things about you? Or that they giggle and say you’re weird, etc?! 

Remember: You were born that way, and God thought you would do better with that handicap. The fact is: each of us has some sort of handicap. It may not be a physical one; it could be an emotional challenge. 

Personal acceptance:

Once you accept your own personal `disfigurements’ whatever they maybe, you know you don’t have to worry about what you look like any more or what others may say.  

  1. That gives you an inner strength; that you think you could do anything. So much so, that you start concentrating on your work, with a hobby or improving your talents, whatever it is. 
  2. And once you start achieving things, you confidence grows. You feel happy about who you are. And once you have a confident air about you, eventually people see it and feel comfortable in your presence.  
  3. And if people say nasty things, you know it’s THEIR attitude that makes it THEIR problem, and not yours. You can `leave it at their door’ and you don’t have to stress over THEIR `ugliness’.  
  4. Ten to one it’s their hang-ups or jealousies that makes them feel insecure enough to strike out at you! They want to make you feel insecure and feel worthless, so they can feel more important. 

What a healthy self-image can do for you:

Things start to happen for you, because of your personal confidence. 

  • You find you don’t have to fight-back, use revenge or fight to get what you want.  
  • And if you have to say something, you calmly and quietly state your case. All because you feel tranquil and closely connected to Higher Power and know he knows what really happened.  
  • Remember kindness is more effective, than proving you’re correct! Contention will get you nowhere. Once you re-act, raise your voice in anger, it shows you’ve already lost the argument! 
  • Mean people will be surprised you don’t fight back, and they feel confused, because they don’t have control over you anymore. 

Your personal selfie:

  • You feel you are just as good as anyone else, because you realize we’re all born naked! You’re a person in your own right. And it’s up to each of us to make our own lives something special, or not. 
  • With the right attitude, your world opens up and you realize you can achieve anything you want. That makes you feel the `world is your oyster’.  In spite of what other people MAY say or think about you. 

So pick up your crown and ware it!

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i try to do it all the time , this is so important


Well, I do think you have achieved a lot here on steemit! So your attitude to life must be working for you!

Social acceptance and personel acceptance are considered as your personality.
So i think these qualities will show you a good person.
I like positivity in both


Socially if people see you as ugly, is that okay with you?
It could mean you have moved on from there in spite of what they think!

Taking healthy self image is not easy. You can consider it like art.
Photography is a talented people passion. But self image taking shows your focuss on taking photo and showing agression. These two should be perfect in your image.


And once you understand your inner-worth, you can click on you fantastic self-image without a care in the world!

Each of us has some sort of handicap.This phrase seems right.Few people seem to be great enough to be above self.


Yes, each of us may have a handicap, but what do we do with those good points we aren't using to their fullest?
We often see handicapped people do more than we do, who have perfect bodies And we have the cheek to complain about our lot in life.

Agreed that "Despite what your image is and what you look like. You may be short, fat with warts on your face, it doesn’t matter. It’s what you think of yourself that really counts"


My hangup is that my voice sounds pathetic, that is why I don't do videos or podcasts. But it doesn't stop me from writing blog and doing my thing!

Congratulations @artguru...that's a awesome photography post. ..


Are you going to take an inner-photo of yourself and find out who you can be?

Lovely article ...
I like your description it is the wonderful way to describe life..


Attitude about ourselves is so important. With the right attitude we go places and enjoy life to the full.


Yeah agree

I mostly like to cpture selfie phoros.
Selfie photos are most trending. It gives yo a perfect face detection in yiur camera.
Great thing highlights about selfie photo.


Aaah, but if you took a closer look of what you could make of your life, you would have more `highlights' in your life.

Yeah ,I agree with you and I appreciate your post and your inspiration post to create extra ordinary and I will be inspire also..
So Carry on your activities and I will wait for your next post @artguru

So very attractive post and I appreciate your informative post..
These two ought to be impeccable in your picture. Presently a days everybody catch selfies.Capture your excellent momments with your cell.Memories is part in our lifes.Some time you tragic and see your old selfies and pictures you progress toward becoming happy.Very extraordinary and important article.Everytime you think positive.You spend great and solid life.Thanks for sharing.@artguru.

I am very glad to read this beautiful inspirational post..This is really a positive response from your all follower..
Many Many thanks for sharing this beautiful inspirational post..

That's a great post and Social acknowledgment and personel acknowledgment are considered as your identity.So I figure these characteristics will demonstrate to you a decent person.I like energy in both.Taking sound mental self view isn't simple. You can think of it as like workmanship. Photography is a capable people energy. In any case, mental self portrait taking demonstrates your focuss on taking photograph and indicating agression. Thanks for sharing @artguru

Everyone like selfies.Now a days everyone capture selfies.Capture your beautiful momments with your cell.Memories is part in our lifes.Some time you sad and see your old selfies and pictures you become happy.Very great and valuable article.Everytime you think positive.You spend good and healthy life.Thanks for sharing.@artguru.

What an original question (at least for me, it is the first time i read/hear it)!

I think that this concept, with which most young people would relate, should be made a compulsory activity from Kindergarten. That way, by the time kids leave elementary school they would surely be safe from the BS that pesters their teen-selves.

Of course, the vices of self-image did not originate in this era. Humanity has been plagued by self-image issues since times immemorial, aggravated every time the guy with low self-esteem was a king/queen or emperor (now a president or prime minister).
It would actually be a nice contest or challenge to ask people how their inner-selfie would look like.

I have 4 daughters and I have to be nagging them all the time about this trend I hate so much. Every time I see this in-the-mirror selfies I can't understand how physically beautiful people can be so mentally fragile and insecure.

I don't like selfies (sometimes my wife and daughters make me take one), but I know that that does not translate into self-assertion or high self-esteem. But, I try to do self-exploration as often as possible to avoid being too hard on myself or to avoid any impulse of aggrandizement that may come with praising.

I'll have my daughters read this post.

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Wow!! Amazing right totally agree with you..

Yes, its a not equal to social acceptance and personal acceptance. It is a way show of your manner and activities those matter.
And I sorrow that the matter of inner-selfie.
How it is possible to capture inner-selfie?

Always your publications are as great, organized and integrated as ever
great post dear @artguru

This is the lot of valuable and great post..
All the best..

Nice blog and great post! You have described it very well. I appreciate it. However, I think, the difference between two women here is that the character of two women is different. Another thing, Socially people say a lot of things!
If someone tells me bad and I really do not really bad it will judge me. Thanks for the beautiful post.

I try but is it possible to get inner-selfie? We can only take Selfie. How is it possible?
I think it's a psychological thing. It is a matter of determination with mind.
But thank you very much to describe this matter.