Emotion works two-ways!

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The best seller books were written with passion. And people reading those books naturally responded emotionally in return.

So emotion is a two-way street!

The author’s emotional passion and the read’s emotional response! Whatever we do, people respond likewise: 

For example: 

  • If I had to whisper, sure as nuts, those listening to what I say will start whispering too. 
  • If I raised my voice angrily, sure as anything, those conversing with me will get angry too. 
  • And if I smiled while speaking, people would recognize that they are allowed to laugh. 

So it is with writing books or blogs:

If the author writes with passion and emotion, people will sense that passion and emotion, in the way we word our sentences. How we say things and project ourselves in our work. 

People are very sensitive:

People use all their senses when buying into something. So we use emotional stuff to impact and affect peoples’ senses and emotions. 

In art:

We use emotional techniques to affect people’s senses and emotions.  · Such as contrasting warm and cool colours = to create happy warm fuzzy feelings. 

  • Blurred areas contrasting against detailed forms = creates mystery and stimulates emotion. 
  • Oblique action lines and wavy flowing motion lines = creates interaction. 
  • Confronting and conflicting inter-crossed lines = creates passionate interaction.  
  • Interplay and looped trailing arabesque lines = creates romantic involvement. 

When writing books:

We use emotional stuff and dramatic words to draw people into our stories. 

  1. First with action, drama and descriptive dialog, first page. This helps to catch on quickly what the story is going to be possibly about. 
  2. You may be drawn into the plot with all the drama of the moment, but there is a vague mystery clouding the circumstances, that makes people want to keep reading to know how the plot will play out. 
  3. You warm up the readers with emotional stuff that appeal to their hearts. By creating and writing powerful heart breaking emotional things that people can relate too. 
  4. Also you use conflicting, confronting and contrasting personalities and issues to build tension and create drama in relationships. Subconsciously people want to help out those in pain. So will read on to see how things turn out. 
  5. From one situation to another, you interplay scenes, one drama to the next, to create emotional thrilling roller-caster ` loop-the-loop’ trips through the story

So the writer,

  • Has to know, how people react and respond to emotional situations and circumstances, in order to write best sellers. 
  • And relying on your emotions to create all that exciting stuff, can be quite demanding while writing! So it’s important that you personally enjoy what you are writing about.  
  • Live in the moment and feel the emotional power of the plot, as you write it.  Because `riding on the roller-caster’ of the plot, will give you a better understanding of how people will feel reading the book or blog. 

The emotional impact:

If you enjoy the story as you write it, you're not only touching your heart, but also the hearts of the readers. If you enjoy it, possibly they will too.  

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This is so true and i think it's very good it's this way


I too, am glad I can put my emotions to a good cause and share what I've learnt over the years.

so emotional story, i agree with your words as you are a great writer , i really appreciate you & best of luck ,i upvote and follow you ,please do the same back ,


You don't have to ask. I already follow you.
And I usually up-vote those that write informative and interesting comments. Comments are also accepted as posts on Steemit. So their content must also be of interest and project quality info, to receive a valued up-vote. It encourages others to do the same. That's how we build each other.

Thanks for this article, I resonate!

What I have noticed for myself is that whenever I am in a mode where my creativity overflows with passion, my body becomes quite worn out and sometimes even heated and sweaty. Oddly, this only happens when I am writing but never in verbal conversations. Channeling our creativity surely costs energy, and to get into that creative flow we need to have a free mind devoid of distractions. Regardless, sometimes it can be quite annoying that my body is so sensitive to creative overflow. :)


Channeling our energy into what we do, make a great impression on others.
I must say, when I have put all my energy into writing something, I have to take time out for a while to calm down, before I can go onto the next creative thing.

wow wonderful content, i agree with you imagination and relity are two different things,the power of imagination can success the human also ruin him, good job keep it up have a good day, i upvote you please do the same back, thanks


I went to check your site, saw your first art and left a comment and up-voted it. I also enjoyed that post of yours where the woman is posing at the swimming pool, and then looked at the really shot! Yes, I sometime wonder what happens to models when they slip or fall while posing!

Very nice Art Photography Post and Story, which is a lot of things we have to learn...


Emotion has power over the mind! If we had to put more feeling into what we do, we would create wonderful stuff and go places we never thought possible in our life time.

Very true!
Every reader like and love to read those authors who touch his/her emotional level. It means the synchronisation of emotional level between author and reader is very important.
Every successful author is keen to notice this point along with all of your precious points!


Yeah, I do wonder if the author of the "Harry Potter" series, ever reads what I write about creating best seller book, has a great laugh, or says, "Gosh, and someone else feels the same way?!"


Yeah exactly LOL.. but I think she would have admired your work and I do think if you too tried to write a story on which a movie series could be made would be very successful on the cinema.. if you didn't thought about it, you may think about it!


Yes, I've been writing a magical story. But find it hard to work on it because preparing blogs with paintings for Steemit, checking my own website (www.adafagan.zo.za), including housework, etc., takes up all my time!! Wish I could get around to it, because it is so much fun with all the different characters, drama, etc.

So true! I can feel every imagination you build in every time you post @artguru!

And, I really like the effective sentence you build...

Thank you! 🙏


If we powered up our imagination, we would build powerful emotions, that carrys us on to write fantastic way-out stuff.

Great posts every time you post @artguru!

I really like every time you wake up an atmosphere in each of your content.

It really reaches the reader.


Aah! Now that it what I aim to do. Wake up people's imagination, to the fact anything is possible, if we willing to look at things from a different perspective.

you are always a great writer ,i read your post very eagerly ,Most like and of the readers love to read those writer who touch his emotional level.


So glad you enjoy what I write. But what is it that empowers you the most, when you are writing your blogs?

If we enjoyed what I write, readers definitely enjoy and it will prove heart touching 😊
If we write with Passion, reader enjoyed ND emotion is two way street ✌️
Well written 😎
Thanks for sharing 😊

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It's a pleasure to share with you.
But what would you like me to write about in the future, that you particularly what to know more about? I see you write about cooking on your site... shame I'm not a good cook, so do not expect any info on that!! ;P


Yeah! Sure😊
I'm not a professional blogger and when I read your blog it's helpful for improving 😅

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Gosh! And we are never too good, to realize there is always something we could improve on and learn from each other, hey?! Bless you.


Hmm! Right...have a good day 😀

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this story toching my heart.Every perents alot of affection with his child.And his kid are no glad and crying.Perents additionally crying.Thats is emoshion.You love somebody alot.Someone hearts you.You crying.


That's rebounding emotion that affects our whole soul. And out of that type of relating to other peoples feelings, creates a bond of unity and understanding.

so passionate story, I concur with your words as you are an extraordinary essayist , I truly welcome you and good luck ,I upvote and tail you ,kindly do likewise back..

Much obliged for this article, I reverberate!


You don't have to ask, you should know by now that I follow up on folks.


You don't have to ask,
You should know by now that I
Follow up on folks.

                 - artguru

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Would like to see you write some blogs on your site, other than making comments.


You will never see a blog post. @haikubot is a bot, a computer program designed to spam steemit with crap hoping that someone will upvote them so they can earn money from their spam. They offer no option for opting out of their spam and waste resources of steemit which increases costs to new steemians...well all of us but it actually effects the small accounts.

Very very true.Really this story toching my heart.Every perents alot of love with his child.And his child are no happy and crying.Perents also crying.Thats is emoshion.You love someone alot.Someone hearts you.You crying.Thats is emoshion.I think everyone is a emoshional person.Your article always valuable.And helpful.I always learn from your posts.Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


Children are very sensitive to their parents actions and what they say. Even when they're grown up and have their own families, they keep in touch with their parents, needing to hear kind loving words.

is emoshion.I think everybody is an emoshional person.Your article dependably valuable.And helpful.I dependably gain from your posts.Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


Aaah, but we don't all use our emotions effectively and put it to good use!

Totally agree with you! Some great books i read, i knew that the writers as great as it is, the book and the writers emotionally attached to my heart, just cant stop till finish and read it over and over again. Just like Andrea Hirata books in Indonesia, Harry Hotter and Hercule Poirot series.


Emotion is a powerful thing. It reaches out to others you don't even know when you wrote the book!


Awesome! I can feel it when i read great book from great author!

I am new but I have read many posts before you, I like it. I learned and learned a lot from your posts. Thank you and hope you will write it for us.


I wish you all the best. Hope I can continue be of help, somehow or other.

Congratulations @artguru...wow that's a awesome art and writing post... I love art... thanks for you.. #Upvoted...


So glad you love art. To see beauty in what people create, is a special gift too.

Great post. You said well. I am fully agreed with your thoughts that If you really want to do something, you’ll find the time. Look how you've found time to blog on Steemit!.


And to find time to really read what others are saying, too.

My favourite art drawing. thanks for sharing this post.i love art.beautiful art post.i appreciate your valuable post.. great post 👍


Each artist has a different way of expressing their emotions. So it's good to see how they put their emotions into their work.

To write a great best seller, there must be something in it that other people have never thought of before! Grand Jobs my friend


It's only when we put our emotions to work, that we think up exciting new stuff to write about.

That's great writing. I like it your every post.


You don't know how much emotional thought has gone into each of the blogs I've written. So I look forward to hearing more from the comments I get. What really has helped people and where I could perhaps help them in the future.

Very nice post
i like all your Publications and all your writings @artguru
You are the best writer


You do fascinating designs. Is that your normal everyday job been inventive?


Yes I work on the design of any imaginative I think I like the design of vehicles, machines, models and symbols I like the design of machines at the same time I seek to manufacture a number of real machines such as the printer 3D , robot , remote control helicopter , pistol laser equipped with a special layer of gravity , and tilt angle lamp Laser , power fan , and several other things

Writing books, art,blogs = emotion.
Emotion is involved with every subject.
If you do any work with passion, it can be done more thoroughly.
Thank you for explaining so beautiful things


You will never be alone, if you you use your emotions to imagine new exciting activities you could be doing or creating.

Your writting always too good.Your writting skills is very impressive.Writting is veryimportant skills to show your self.Thanks for sharing this great story.I always like your posts.Your all posts are valuable for me.I learn from your posts.dear@Artguru.


Aaah, thank you. So glad you get something out of me posts. It makes it all so worthwhile for me.

Each peruser like and love to peruse those creators who contact his/her enthusiastic level. It implies the synchronization of enthusiastic level among writer and peruser is imperative.


I think a writer should have a thirst for life, feel the drama and beauty all around them, to be able to write exciting scenes for their books.

Strangely, this just happens when I am composing yet never in verbal discussions. Directing our imagination without a doubt costs vitality, and to get into that innovative stream we need a free personality without diversions. In any case, here and there it tends to be very irritating that my body is so touchy to inventive flood.


For me too, I use up so much energy through thinking up stuff to write, that it drains me, and I have to take breaks in between, to be able to continue writing. Taking breaks refreshes me.

awesome substance, I concur with you creative ability and relity are two diverse things,the intensity of creative ability can achievement the human likewise demolish him, great job keep it up have a decent day, I upvote you kindly do likewise back, much appreciated..


Glad you got something out of this blog. I do check up on how others are doing on their sites, follow, etc. So folks don't have to ask.

Your writting in every case too good.Your writting aptitudes is exceptionally impressive.Writting is veryimportant abilities to demonstrate your self.Thanks for sharing this incredible story.I constantly like your posts.Your all posts are profitable for me.I gain from your posts.dear@Artguru.


Thank you. But do you know something? I'm also learning by continuing to write and express myself. So, only by doing something, do you learn more about it and other things along the way.

Each fruitful creator is quick to see this point alongside the majority of your valuable focuses!


Always been alert , helps us to pick pick up on the little gems of knowledge, within well known facts. Something sparks off our interest and then we realize there is something important in all that some old stuff.

Thoroughly concur with you! Some incredible books I read, I realized that the journalists as extraordinary as it seems to be, the book and the authors candidly joined to my heart, simply cant stop till complete and read it again and again.


Yes, some authors have powerful insight into things, that you feel you need to read on and on...

I love art... I like it your every post my dear friend. great your every writing. thanks for you


Thank you too. Hope each blog has empowered you in some way.

Very nice art. I like it. really amazing writing l appreciate it... thanks for sharing this post... best of luck in your every writing...


Art is like writing, your emotions are at work, to create new concept dimensions.

What I have seen for myself is that at whatever point I am in a mode where my innovativeness floods with energy, my body turns out to be very exhausted and now and then even warmed and sweat-soaked.


Yes, being innovative can be energy draining. I suppose because your senses are on full active duty!

Mind blowing post to provide in this platform i appreciate your post and I will wait for your next post..


Glad you enjoyed it. And hope the next somehow fits what you like.

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