Compact housing for new homesteaders!

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Another house floor plan for those who are starting out on a smallholding or farm that has no buildings, etc on it.

Compact housing:

When first moving onto a small holding you may not have enough capital to set up everything all at once. 

So you have to plan each stage of setting-up your farm, and allot your money to the most essential requirements. 

  1. To start with, you’ll need basic accommodation for you and your family.  
  2. Even though your accommodation maybe compact, it’s important to make things as comfortable as possible, to keep stress to a minimal. Because hardships and stress can easily break up a family!
  3. Also take into consideration, a small compact house can always be turned into rental lodgings, for extra income, once you build a better house for yourself. 

Simple house plan no. 3:

I have already provided two simple compact house plans in previous posts. This one today consists of three attic bedrooms and the ground floor base is about 62 square metres. 

  • It has a fascinating twist to it, in the way the staircase spirals around the pantry and bathroom. 
  • And the main theme of this one is that it has big spacious social entertaining aspect to its lounge, dining-room and kitchen area. 

Check out what I mean… 

Ground floor layout:

  • When entering via the back door, you have stairs going up on your left. They circle up to the upper floor.  
  • And under these stairs you have a pantry, where a fridge, deep-freeze can be placed. And shelving or cupboard units in there will be just great for storage too. 
  • To the right-hand side of the kitchen, a modern stove can be fitted in the lower cupboard units. 
  • Narrow horizontal windows between the lower and upper units will give you more cupboard space and lots of light too. And a fan extractor can be directly fitted in the narrow window above the stove. 
  • Note there is sliding doors and an entrance door, that can be opened out onto patios and braai areas. This will give your home a feeling of openness and freedom to entertain. 
  • Also note the plumbing of the kitchen and the bathroom above are pretty close, to keep plumbing costs down. Check out the upper floor plan too, to see what I mean: 

Upper floor plan:


  • The stairs circle round the bathroom area and come up to a landing that three bedrooms lead off. 
  • Each bedroom has a wardrobe, one bigger than the others. 
  • The upper-floor inner walls are not brick. They can be wooded frame partitions. 
  • Floor rafters and floor: wood. 
  • The outer walls mustn’t be lower than 2.060 metres (that is height of a door). There must be enough head room according building regulations. 
  • Attic rooms save costs of more foundations and having normal height of brick walls as you would have on a ground floor, log-cabin type house. 
  • · The roof could be peaked, A-frame or lean-to, depending on costs in your region. And of cause the décor look of the house when it’s finished. 

Next post on homesteading:

Also a three bedroom layout, but very multipurpose… You have a choice of also having a shower-room or walk in dressing room too! 

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That sound a bit complexed

It may seem complex if you read quickly. But with a little thought you will see it's very easy to understand.

Hello dear @artguru thanks for the guidelines and leading to the people for making a home sweet home 🏡. If you use Auto cade and make video map, it's very easy to understand for artisans. By the way you work is really appreciate able. I really like it thanks for sharing this great post.

Auto Cade costs $1575.00. In South Africa that would be R24,220.27!!

Your writing is very interesting about the house that should be built, friend. This greatly added knowledge for me. Thank you , Ma'am.

I got your guideline at a time when I needed it very much @artguru

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