Earning Millions or Commissions in Real Estate is Not as Simple as It Seems

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So yesterday I had a sudden client for a certain luxury condominium. This client called me out of the blue due to the YouTube property video I made and uploaded last year.

This situation is what I call the grace of God. Haha. When something unexpected happens and you grab the opportunity it is always somewhat a blur and a welcome inconvenience.

If all goes well and I did a great job, here's what will happen once the buyer purchases a 2 bedroom luxury condominium unit from me.

(No this picture is not of the property I'm talking about. 😂 Guess where this pic is. Haha.)


1 . If the buyer purchases a unit, I get a six figure commission. My first ever six figure commission in my entire life if God wills it.
2 . I will probably be a real estate agent again and be subject to the pressures of producing sales. It's not easy at all but it pays well. But again, it's not easy. Even top sellers say the same thing but of course they know more about property selling than me so it is much easier for them.
3 . I would be able to set aside enough money for my retirement.

But what is this post about really? This post is not entirely about me, it is also about the terrible effects of money on people and their actions. You see the Philippine Real Estate industry still has much to improve on. Nothing or no one is perfect and so a lot of unfunny social behavior and things still happen.

I am not an expert real estate agent at all but I try my best based on what I know and what information I am provided and able to acquire. Let's just say, I am more of a pro-client person rather than anything else. My priority will always be the client first. Nothing matters more than me getting and providing the best that I can for my client/s.


The problem with this approach though comes from the seller side: from me to fellow agents, to managers up until the sales director even. All the issues I see is in the management side. Can you imagine if it even gets to the higher ups like the VP of sales? (Omg I seriously hope it doesn't.) I still have much to learn and yesterday was one of those big learning experiences.

A bit of a background story

Being a sales agent for Philippine real estate is a slow learning process. What you can learn in a few months you will learn in more than a year. It is not like the call center industry where they train you for weeks or months and then you apply what you learn and practice it first before you are actually endorsed to officially take calls. It is not like going to college and finishing a degree to get into the job or career you prefer. This is why it is good that several years ago, the government education sector and the real estate industry decided to have a real estate course developed. It has already been implemented in order for people to be officially taught and be a degree holder before becoming a real estate agent or broker. If they didn't do this, I know the problematic practices in the industry will still continue until forever.

Since I belong to the large group of people who do not have a degree in real estate of course the learning process is slow. I only have a few training units as was required to become an agent but that does not really suffice much at all. We all have to learn fom our mistakes. And we all know, mistakes are painful and such a headache depending on the degree/intensity of whatever happened.

So, yesterday... I assisted a new client. They had set an appointment and I presented the property to them on my own. They said they were looking for a two bedroom unit, etc. I know I didn't do it perfectly since I just got back to the property and its info after a year. I did the best I could under the circumstances.


Most of their inquiries still were easy enough to answer and actually I'm a pretty bad liar so anyone will sense if I am trying to bluff anyone. Hahaha. My clients yesterday just moved on to the next question whenever I provide "unsatisfactory" answers. (Thank God they were nice and understanding people.) Which is a good thing because I believe that honesty is the best policy and I hate liars too.

Honest agents are always appreciated even on unscripted or scripted reality shows I watch. It mostly does not go well for sneaky and lying people. It enrages me actually when someone lies to me just to get to my client too. Which reminds me, I kept saying "actually" during my presentation. Oh the nerves, it's been more than a year since my last presentation. Hahaha.

My goal was to assist the client as best as I can. Asking for help though in order to present the property well is a different matter. This is where everything got muddy.

Do you know the phrase "touch-move" ? Well this should have applied to my situation if everything went well, but it didn't. And surprise surprise, there is a "j’adoube" (adjust) chess term that I just learned today! No, I do not play chess at all.

People outside the real estate industry does not understand how complex it is for agents to get a sale. There is a flurry that goes on just to get to a person first in order to make or get the sale. It's only the first part of an agent's job and yet here comes the complications.


There is a hidden but not so hidden touch rule for agents and perhaps even brokers. Of course it is a different matter should the buyer/person decide on a different agent/broker. That will complicate things more on the agent/s and seller side of things. It always does.

Now with this flurry, that my client/s is unaware of, comes complications. And I hate complications. I avoid complications. Who likes problems anyway? So of course the natural tendency of people in trouble or with any complex problem or issue is to abandon it, right? Leave everything, quit, break up, etc., and to hell with it. (Some people even do drugs or commit suicide if they can't face and handle their personal problems right? I'm not saying this is that big an issue, am just giving you the worst case example to provide more sense to it.) This will incur a negative vibe which you can send to the universe thus halting and preventing the sale (or achieving the goal, etc. Well that's what I think at least.)

Earning big money is never a simple thing. This is why adulting is such a hard thing to do sometimes. Even with the internet and all, it's still hard to be an adult during certain times especially with millions of money involved. All I want to do is give the best service to my clients and sell a property for commission. That's all I want to do and prefer to do but it is never simple. Ah adulting.

On a side note, I talked to a lot of people yesterday. I told a female colleague that I am currently a freelance writer and artist. And she jokingly said to the manager, oh I might blog about this internal issue, and that he better beware I might take a picture of him, etc.


It's funny but I didn't think blogging can be some kind of a "threat." Although I know someone who did a public disparaging Facebook post to my bro. He could have sued for libel but he was also in the wrong thus the situation happened. The situation doesn't need to be publicized and one cannot be humiliated and bullied in public for something that should have been discussed in private. Some people know when to back out and some people don't know when not to back out.

Going back to this real estate thing/issue... At this point it's like everything I did on the selling side, minus the client presentation, is wrong. God knows I only want to earn enough money and make a sale and help buyers get a property. People just like to make things so complicated.

Money is not always everything, people. With more money comes bigger problems. It is better to live an abundant but peaceful life. To get there we need balance. To have balance, we need a sound mind, heart and body. But of course we cannot live alone. People are social beings. Now do you see the problem?

The only solution I could think of was to pray. Oh and did I just pray earnestly and wholeheartedly. Whew. It's up to God and the universe now. He gives His blessings and so He can probably take it away too and give something else instead. Who knows what He'll do? I'll just leave it up to Him after doing my part in this money issue. Pfffft. Money issues are the worst.


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Property images are mine. Chess & laptop pic from Pixabay.

Written by @artgirl for Steemit.
© Art x Stephanie Rue

@artgirl is a freelance artist, writer and an online seller. For art and writing commissions, feel free to contact me.
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