Growing Potatoes- The Easy Way!

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I’ve been working extensively on my vegetable and herb garden these past months and although it’s not a new process for me, I have definitely learned a lot through trial and error.

I save seeds from every crop. I try to buy heirloom seeds and not any GMO tainted varieties of vegetables or herbs. If you’ve ever bit into a tomato, or any other home grown vegetable, fruit or herb, you will notice the difference in flavor, texture and smell.
But I’ve heard here and there that it’s become harder and harder to find seeds locally. A lot of states, such as Michigan, have banned the sale of seeds. Although this is extremely concerning, where there’s a will there’s a way and you’ll realize plenty of things to grow can be found in your pantry or fridge. Dried beans, lentils even some popcorn can be grown straight from the grocery bag to the dirt!

One of my favorite items to grow from my pantry is potatoes! You know those little wrinkled ones that start growing alien tentacles at the bottom of the bin? Yup those! And you can’t even imagine how easy they are to grow!

Don’t believe me?
Take a look!

After you follow these simple instructions and you notice your plant beginS to yellow (in 10-12 weeks), stop watering it and once the plant is completely dead you can harvest your potatoes! You should have at least 10 tubers per plant! Let them cure for 1 week or 2 by storing them in a dry, dark and cool place. Cook and enjoy!

Happy gardening!

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