A Little Boho Inspired Quarantine Re-Do In My Loft Area

in #life2 years ago

In a matter of weeks our lives have changed drastically. With more time on my hands I have been able to fill the voids not only with more prepping (as lifetime preppers does this ever end? haha) and finishing up projects around the home. I decided to redo my loft area upstairs, where I also teach pole dance, into more of a boho laid back space.

I found that we have been spending more time in this area so I wanted to give it a little makeover. The Acapulco chairs were something I really wanted and using a sheepskin rug over one and sewing a couple of throw pillow cases out of drop cloth I always have laying around did the trick! Cozy, functional and I didn't have to go out and buy anything. We seriously have not left the house in a little over a month!
With more time on our hands comes more reading! And this pink bookshelf I had my eyes on for a bit was the perfect solution to keep my books out and in easy reach.

I also repotted this Peperomia into this pot which had been sitting empty with only a candle in our tiki bar. I think she looks great here!
I moved this small round table from the tiki bar to our loft and brought the lamp out of the garage, I think it looks great here! I white salt lamp and some palo Santo in a small ramekin adds to the vibe!
I kept my vintage metal pantry cabinet in the room just touched up the paint on it and added a small chandelier above. Board games and more books were conveniently housed into this cabinet.
Working with what we have not only helps the environment but in times like this when it pays to be frugal is a great way to freshen up living spaces and keep us busy. I also expanded our vegetable garden by tearing down our old chicken coop and reusing the wire mesh and wood to make a seedling area! I will share that with you later!

I promise to go back to more recipes in a few days. I hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and hopeful. Please continue to practice social distancing, and always remember this too shall pass.
Now go give your loved ones and pets a hug!
Upvotes, resteems & Donations are loved! Grazie 💕






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