Life Must Have a Truth Principle

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Hello Steemians,..

A father who was walking with his son with a donkey through the road and the intersection, and many people met on the street.

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On the way, when the boy who rode his donkey and father walked, moments later he heard the whisper of a citizen who said his son did not love his father for being told to walk, because he heard the words of the people finally replaced his position, his father who rode the donkey and his son walking distance.

Only a few steps, once again he heard the whispers of those who said, his father why not love his son who was told to walk and he rode the donkey, and finally decided that the boy and father were together riding a donkey. A few moments on the way back hear the whispers of those who said, children and fathers did not even think to ride a small donkey together.

That is an example in our daily lives, whatever we do is still wrong in the eyes of people. For that we must keep the principle above the truth and do not be influenced by the opinions of others.


I believe that Truth Principle make a good man.

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