If the shoe fits...

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Sometimes, the universe speaks to you. This message came in the form of a fortune cookie at a Chinese Buffet. If you listen, the universe will speak back....

Stay focused steemians!

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I think it's possible to see practical truths but I don't think it's possible for the mind or consciousness to view THE truth.

What are some of your thoughts about this?

I guess the question is...what IS the truth?

And you are correct, i am a mindfulness practitioner. :)

And you are correct, i am a mindfulness practitioner. :)

Mindfulness definitely has it's benefits @armadillocreek. Self-realization & enlightenment is also interesting 👍

Nothing is the truth 👍🏼

Truth holds no views or opinions. It just exists. Truth is universal. Truth isnt spiritual or mysterious, or hidden. It is what exists, and can be perceived/seen by more than any one entity or group.

"THE" is too vague and open when its placed in front of the word truth. There has to be context to determine if something is true.

Truth holds no views & opinions.

I agree with that statement but also want to point out that this itself is a view & opinion

  1. Is it possible that the mind doesn't ever see what exists but instead sees it's current and previous thoughts about what exists?

  2. Is it possible that all of our experiences are nothing more than thoughts and ideas being experienced in consciousness?

  3. Is it also possible that from the absolute view, the sum total of everything is actually nothing (0) I.e. Nothing exists?

P.S. Judging by your previous comment, it's possible you are a practitioner & believer of Mindfulness.