Are You Working Towards Success or Failure?

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The Three Keys to Success

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Location, Location, Location:
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With persistence, and If you are in the right place at the right time, you will find success.

Finding success is similar to catching a bus: If you're at the right location at the right time, you will catch the bus. Otherwise, you won't.

With success however, there is no designated stop or schedule - you have to discover opportunity through persistence, and once you discover the when and the where, your persistence has a good chance of paying off. If there is someone who has found success in the place you are looking, then drop your ego and learn from them first, but with safety comes a small reward, while taking large risks and being a trailblazer can come with large rewards or failures - you need to decide what your pain tolerance is and go from there.

Remember. Timing, Location, and persistence are the key to success.

thank you for reading. Stay safe and keep your head up.


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