Love Yourself

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Love yourself so you can love others.
You should think that you are amazing either you feel it or not.
As the saying goes, you cannot love another until you love yourself.
Don’t work to through insecurities, doubts and worries.
When your happy with who you are and confident.
It shows outside, you don’t need to put much effort to look beautiful.
Love will not be boring once you have learned how to be comfortable with yourself and you can be ready to for true love.
Write a love list that makes you happy and think of what makes you really happy.

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we must love ourself first bago ang iba dahil mahirap magbigay ng totoong pagmamahal kung mismong sarili ntin ay di inuuna

Tama ka dun @jeffzalamea. Ano nga namang pag mamahal ang ibibigay mo kung sarili mo mismo di mo minamahal o pina hahalagahan. Hugot lang. Char!

Interesting post

Thank you @hasim5164

One should always love their self.
Bork! BORK!

Right! No to insecurities, you are unique and beautiful on your own way.

Love every piece of yourself @wondersofnature :)

Loving yourself is the first thing that should happen before loving other people. It does not mean to be a narcissistic, but loving yourself just enough so so there will still be enough to share to others.

Tumpak gid a nhe :)

Lets love ourself muna ne para more love to share to others😍

Braces girl... Under an ortho treatment... The smile is lookimg fab tho... #stayconnected #up voted #followed

Yes @shahaan. Thank you.

I am a dentist between... Get them removed ... There are aligners now...(Invisalign)... No more braces yayyyyy

Is that more cheaper than braces @shahaan?

Ganda naman 😍

Mas maganda @iram1201 ☺☺

Love your own, it's a sin if you don't!


I'm working on it!

Keep it up. If you love your self very well you can love other too😉

A beautiful reminder to self too.

It is @bloghound

That's the essence of love. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing ma'am, thats a reminder for us and you are lovely girl :-)
God bless always.