LAW OF ATTRACTION: your thoughts become things

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Recently I read the book named "THE SECRET" by Rhonda Byrne, which explains how the Law Of Attraction works in this universe. According to the author that just by manifesting a thing,we can achieve it in our life. Our thoughts attract what we want and finally we get it. This universe works on vibrations and when our vibrations are met with the universe's we achieve what we have manifested. This universe did not differentiate between good or bad, positive or negative thoughts, it only understands the vibrations. So if we think positive and have good thoughts in our inner self we will get all good. According to this book what we think we get.

This has been experienced by me in my life. There was a phase in my life when my family lived in a small house which was in the basement. In those days I used to go to bus stop to pick my children from school bus and on the way I used to saw a line of big houses on a prime location of that locality. I liked them very much and had a strong attraction in my mind to have one of those house for my family but also knew that we don't have enough money for it. . And you wont believe, one day unexpectedly my husband told me that he has seen a house in same locality for us. Though we don't have so much of money to buy it , still we made effort to complete the deal in three months of time. I still don't know from where all the resources came , bank loan was sanctioned without any problem and within a month we had sufficient funds for the property. And my dream comes true for a big house. That time I never understood the law of attraction, but after reading the book 'The Secret' I can relate so many incidences from my life among which this is the one. I can say it really works.

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It's a great book. It's amazing what we can create if we just believe. The art of allowing is the challenging part, we manage to create so much resistance.
But such a great feeling that we create our own reality... following you:)

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