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        Few days back I was travelling and was on the  airport ,suddenly a harsh sound drew my attention. I saw a young boy was shouting to send an at his mother when despite his best efforts ,she was not able to understand how to send an audio message. Finally, he said to his mom , " no need to try it mom, just leave it and make a normal call . You can't do it ." I felt bad for her also his rude behaviour and tone made me feel guilty as on many occasions I too have lost my patience while helping my elders specially my parents to understand new technology.

         The point here is that we intentionally or unintentionally make our elders feel insecure and they lose their confidence about the use of new technology , just by saying "You can't do it so leave." But we forget that after few years we will too reach this stage of life. As we are more exposed to new technology since childhood it's easy for us to handle it as compare to our elders who have to start with the beginning. Resulting to it they found it difficult and struggle often with the basics even.
           I think this is same as when we were in Pre -primary we used to struggle with writing letters of alphabets. Think did they shouted at us only because we could't frame a word or sentence as it should be? Today the roles are reversed, we should understand our responsibilities and treat them with more patience and love which they showered on us in our childhood.
           Always remember that just by holding a smart phone in your hands does't makes you smart but holding someone patiently with love, who has taught you everything of life does. As little patience , love and care can bring smile of millions on their face.
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