🌵 Succulent and Cactus 🌷

in life •  11 months ago 


Something I'd love to collect and plant them in my own garden. ❤️
I and my daughter @tegoshei went to church to offer holy mass for my mother, and we saw these different cactus and succulent plants inside the premises of the church. They are being displayed beautifully that the people can't resist to go near to look and buy these lovely plants. As much as we wanted to buy some, we didn't have enough cash or money for it. But we promised to go back there maybe next week to buy some of them to add up to my few collections at hime. I will post them here as soon as I can have them already.

Have a good day and night my friends...😘😘

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waaaaaa~ I want all of them! lol.. dli na masud sa imu garden... aww.. xD

@tegoshei ...masud ra na... aq pa..hahahaha
next collection, back to orchids na pud... lol!! 😄