Your Frequently Asked Questions about APPICS : ANSWERED!

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Since we spend every day with customer support and answer countless questions from our community, we decided to collect all the frequently asked questions and create a FAQ post.

How does APPICS work? Where does the money come from? What can you do with your earned XAP? And how can you earn more with our Bounty Program?

Get answers to all of these questions below!


How does APPICS work? Where does the money come from?

The underlying technology of APPICS works just like Steemit.

Through the revolutionary concept of turning "likes" into currency with blockchain technology, every user can benefit from a reward pool that the blockchain distributes.

Other people can upvote this content - and the larger their amount of APPICS Power (XAP in their account), the larger the weight of their vote.
Think of Bitcoin Mining: instead of computers, the network rewards the users for their effort and creativity spent online. Therefore, every user becomes a "human mining machine" - hence the name "Proof of Brain" algorithm, on which APPICS is based on.

When will the APPICS App launch publicly ?

The full rollout is planned for late 2018 .
But this also depends on the development of the SMT (smart media token) protocol, which is managed by the STEEM Team.

When can early Investors join the App?

Currently, our iOS App is available to team members and early investors. We will gradually add more and more people. You can register here for the wait list.
The Android app is also functional already and is currently being tested internally, before going public soon.

What differentiates APPICS from other Social Media Platforms? What are the main features?

Apart from obviously earning cryptocurrency for social media activity - what makes APPICS different from other social media platforms?

There are several differences - we offer our users an integrated wallet where you can send money anywhere in seconds, a chronologic feed without algorithms, an integrated shop system, we have active communities without depending on advertisement, and we have directors for each of our content categories who filter and reward quality content.

Main features of the APPICS App


What Blockchain is APPICS based on? How does it work?

APPICS is one of the first Smart Media Tokens (SMT) on the STEEM Blockchain.

An SMT is a native digital asset on the Steem blockchain that can be quickly launched by anyone to help monetize online content - especially practical in the social media space.
"They're like Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens, but with certain built-in ‘Proof-of-Brain’ properties and a token distribution reward system designed specifically for digital content businesses."

You can read more about the SMT protocol here.

The ICO is over! How can I get XAP? When does it hit exchanges?

Our Tokensale ended in April - so once XAP gets listed on the exchanges, users will be able to purchase XAP tokens globally.
The exact date when XAP will hit exchanges depends on the release of the SMT (Smart media token) protocol, which is managed by the STEEM team.

When is the token swap ?

Currently, all Investors received ERC20 tokens which are frozen in their wallets.
This is because once the SMT (Smart media token) protocol has finished development, we will do a Token Swap. This means that all ERC20-based XAP tokens will then be switched to freely tradeable SMT-based XAP tokens in a 1:1 ratio.

What can you do with your XAP coins ?

There are several ways to use your earned XAP coins:

  • Keep them in your wallet and let them grow to increase your influence on the platform, boost the visibility of your posts, and to let the value of the tokens rise.
  • Cash them out and exchange them for any other currency - whether it's cryptocurrency or FIAT (Euro, Dollar, Yen etc)
  • Directly transfer them to another APPICS user within seconds
  • Spend them in our integrated shop system
  • Donate them to your favorite charity on APPICS

How much is 1 XAP worth?

Currently, 1 XAP token is valued at $0,15.
This was the last sell price at our ICO earlier this year, and will be the start price once XAP hits exchanges.


What is the APPICS Bounty program?

You can register at and participate in our diferent bounty campaigns and earn free XAP.
With every follow, like, comment and repost - Stakes will be distributed automatically to your APPICS account. We also have SPECIAL BOUNTY programs where users can earn stakes by for example writing a blogpost about APPICS on Medium, Steemit or Facebook to name a few. These claims will be reviewed manually!

What do the Bounty stakes mean?

The stakes represent a certain number of XAP that will be awarded for each task within the Bounty Program.
We have a set number of XAP tokens for the bounty program, so depending on the activity, the exact amount of stakes for 1 XAP will be revealed.
Once the Bounty Program has ended, all activity will be checked and the ratio of stakes to XAP will be calculated.

When does the Bounty Program end ?

Our Bounty program will keep running until later this year, to support the engagement of our community until the full rollout.

Do you need to submit KYC in order to join the Bounty Program?

No. KYC was only needed for our ICO investors.

⬇️ Do you have any other questions? Tell us in the comments below or ask our admins on Telegram! ⬇️

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬

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"Thanks for all the info, when people ask FAQs
Providing clear and concise answers, hitting them with only facts
Follow in @Appics' footsteps, they're leading and leaving tracks
Foundation is so solid, you'll be hard to find some cracks..."


Fantastic post that helped answer some of my questions @appics team! still trying to understand the bounty program . Question : "So if I earned say 1,200 Stakes, that does not mean I have earned 1,200 XAP tokens !? Or does it!?
Thanks ! I am patiently waiting for the Appice App to launch, its going to be an awesome addition to my steemit account! upped and resteemed!👍👍👍💕✌

Yes, you're right - 1200 stakes does NOT equal 1200 XAP.
We actually have a fixed amount of XAP dedicated to our bounty program.
Once the bounty program ends, we will check how many stakes were distributed - and then we will calculate the ratio of stakes to XAP.

By the way, love your custom graphics! they're so cool!

Ok thanks for your kind reply, So do the people that have more stakes get more XAP because they promoted @appics more , I would think thats how the distribution would work!? Glad you liked my graphic Created at !💰✌👍

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I've a question, why I'm getting in love with Appics more and more with passage of time,and why I've so many hopes/expectations with it???

Because it's going to be a REVOLUTION 💥🙌

Thank you very much for this concise explanation ! Best Regards!

This post really answerd some questions that I had in my mind ! Thank you very much for the clarification !

I can't wait use @appics Application. And look Awesome features 😍😍

Thank you Toushik 🙌 😬

Really good! Very useful! Thx! :) Keep it up!

Im still wondering in response to your previous answer : Do the people that promoted more get More XAP Tokens according to how much stakes they earned at the end !? I would think if someone earned say 1000 stakes by promoting Appics a lot, would get more XAP Tokens then say someone who promoted less and only earned say 100 stakes. Thanks its a fantastic program , I also promote Appics at the bottom of every post I do!💕👍✌

Wow! The frequently asked questions have cleared my doubt... Thanks for this...

Nice this answers alot of questions

Appics is a Goal, SMT is a Goal.

🙌 🙌 🙌
Can't wait to visit you guys in Nigeria! APPICS is coming soon!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We are looking forward to meet the team.

Let's go team Appics

Dante is here No fear


Wow you guys are gonna come to Nigeria?

Super technology... I can’t wait to have the app 🦋

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Hi @appics Team good morning from Germany
This is awesome I'm excited about the app can't wait !!
We have to spread the word more people have to get connected together engage networking and get acces to knowledge how to produce highquality content and get rewards in Cryptocurrency
I'm working on my website [ Comnity] going public online in a few weeks
A combination system using the power of dezentralizied blockchain based SocialMedia Steemit / DTube / DLive / DSound and @appics together with mainstream SocialMedia will be the key for good promotion & influencer marketing for your businesses, art, music ...
The Bounty Program sounds very interesting for me I have to read about now
Is it possible to become a position as a Ambassador ?

Much love & keep your great work up ! ! ! 😎

need to get some sleep now cu tomorrow in a few hours

We make awesome promotion worldwide

Hey Team! Will there be an API that can be used to gather data on the feed of posts being created? For example, on steemit I run a little JavaScript code that helps me support some of my favorite authors on the blockchain proactively by identifying their posts and voting under certain criteria.

Hi @appics Team! I have a question: Is the "register for the wait list" only for iOS App or also for Android App?
Thank you for answer !

it's good project and I am egarly waiting for it to be live. But I have a problem with bounty, your bounty platform always stops tracking my twitter submissions (most of the time). Is it only me or evarybody has same problem? if problem exists for everyone why don't you guys even try to solve it?? IMO it leaves a bad impressions to the hunters.

Thank you for answering some question! Just can't wait anymore. Go steem !hurry up

Hi Appics team, I am really looking forward to the App. Keep on the great work!

Why did you decide to not airdrop to SP holders?

Thanks to the answer all FAQs. I hope APPICS will soon launch.

I think some of my questions have been adequately answered

hopefully steemit will hurry up and finish SMTs

Yes, we're looking forward to the SMT launch!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

A lot of questions I had in mind has been ironed out here. I can't wait for the launch.

My question is that : Does the earnings in stakes include liking and commenting on your steemit page?

Very informative post!....I wish i could bookmark it so that i can constantly refer to it.


I get more and more the feeling that you guys are more professional than the Team which really lack in terms of community communication and reliability in terms of their roadmap. I hope you guys won't suffer from delay of the SMT project. One more question, how does the new european personal data law effect the userability of your App? Are there any complication on the horizon?

Awesome stuff, I cant wait for the app to launch.

Very informative. Thank you clearing up some issues !

well I will save this for friend who, who keep drowning me in the pool of questions about appics

End of 2018... cool cool. Looking forward to using Appics!

The integrated shop system for the users sounds interesting. Does that mean we can sell our own products on Appics?

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It is interesting the great potential that the first STM of the XAP steem chain can achieve

Thanks for answering some of the questions. Hopefully the SMT development will conclude without have issues. Can't wait to start using the Appics app :)

Technology is advancing and today we have this interesting project opening a path as one of the first SMT. Soon on our mobile devices

Hi you have just answered all my questions that I wanted to know...
Super now all I must do... Is to wait for the app to come out ✅

Frankly. I can't wait the pleasure using your excellent project. I have joined and be given XAP. PLEASE MAKE IT BETTER TO BEST AND GOOD TO GREAT soon.

Awesome, you are doing as well team. Love Appics so much

"Thanks for all the info, when people ask FAQs
Providing clear and concise answers, hitting them with only facts
Follow in @Appics' footsteps, they're leading and leaving tracks
Foundation is so solid, you'll be hard to find some cracks..."


this is great>>> i will just use this post as reference anytime anyone ask me about appics

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This is going to be fast ler and better.

Me parece muy bien todo e interesante, ahora tengo una pregunta ya que pienso unirme también. La pregunta es la siguiente: @appics Piensan lanzar la versión en Español?

Thanks for your great work

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