Hiphop Legend REDMAN: Shoutout To APPICS! 💥 Get 100 FREE XAP! 💥

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Watch Hip Hop Legend REDMAN spread the word about APPICS below - and earn 100 XAP!

Part of our mission at APPICS is to bring the crypto- and mainstream world together, and to build a creative community full of passionate people.
That's why we came up with the content category system and included Influencers in our strategy - to help promote quality content and give the power back to the people!

After the Redman concert in London this past weekend, APPICS co-founder Sandro was allowed back stage to chat with him. He introduced Redman to the concept of APPICS - and he was so excited that he even did a video shoutout!

You can even earn 100 XAP by sharing this video on facebook or twitter! Instructions at the bottom of this post!

Watch Hip Hop Legend REDMAN shout out APPICS in the video below!

About RedMan

RedMan was born 1970 as Reginald "Reggie" Noble. After a troubled upbringing, he ended up rapping and freestyling in the streets and house parties of New York. That's how he got discovered by Erick Sermon, a rapper and producer who introduced him to the music business.
Redman's life completely changed when he was allowed on stage during an EPMD concert, performing a freestlye which described himself as a rapper using every single letter in the alphabet. This performance officially made him a respected rapper and he started working on his platinum-selling debut album shortly after.

The rest is history: Redman became a hiphop legend in the 90ies, he worked with Christina Aguilera on Dirrrty, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott and of course his infamous partner Method Man.

How to get your 100 XAP Reward

🔘 Share the video above with REDMAN on your FACEBOOK or TWITTER profile and copy the link to the post.
🔘 Paste the link in this google form:
🔘Submit your ERC20 wallet address where you'd like to receive your reward tokens.

We will check all requests and reward you for your activity with XAP! 🙌

The APPICS Team is currently traveling around the world, atttending different events, building communities worldwide and introducing different influencers to our project.

We are excited to have a legend like RedMan for one of our first shoutouts, and can't wait to share future plans with the community!

Our ICO is LIVE right now!

Visit and invest - for 1 more day, we offer investors of round C an exclusive 5% discount!

💬 If you have any questions about the ICO, investment process or the app, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬

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Very wonderful singing very distinguished band
I want to see the video more than once
You are a wonderful and successful person
Very great articles
Well done, my friend

I love redman so much

I love Redman too. Oh and btw you can't forget Methodman. They were a dope combination :)

You realize redman is not a band, right?

These bot replies are so strange...

yeah you are right

Pretty huge to have someone of that caliber jumping in to promo this. Very excited!

Thanks for the video and opportunity to earn some. I posted and will be following you guys on here to see what you post in the future. Cheers!

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity Appics. Your project will be huge in the future. I was just wondering when you plan on distributing the 100 XAP tokens?

It sure will be huge

Amazing things are happening now. We are making a great progress here.

Yes we are @rocksg
Appics will be just as big as Steemit. Can't wait to use the app.

Might even be bigger

I would also add this is the best time to load up on XAP, while it's cheap and before it gets as big as Steem. I totally missed the change to load up more on STEEM before it took off.

This is huugeee... I already followed the instructions and submitted.

I did same and hopping to get mine soon too

Hoping to get my 100 XAP tokens as well. They will go a long way once the app becomes available. I can't wait to use the Appics app.


Booom! Resteemed

This is appics recognising real

Resteemed as well + upvote post and this comment :)

good work friend
go go go @appics

I also promote #appics on Facebook Personal

@appics Will the app have the ability to import videos from That seems really popular in the Instagram world. Would go a long way to adoption of this new app. soon as all the teenie-boppers catch on to's going to explode!

Wow! Great post.
Your progress is sure.
And you will get a positive result.
I am highly inspired from your hard work and dedication toward your work.🤗💙

I really appreciate your work.
Nice content.

Thanks @appics for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

nice shared it!

Done Already!

Hip hop star

Iphone is a great application and I wish it a nice future, and it is great to get 100 XAP Token free, I have shared the video on the sites and I am waiting for 100 XAP Token, beautiful video , good luck @appics 👍👍😃, all the best for you 👍😉

Best of luck with the ICO!

I'm feeling great. I used some of my spare Steem Dollars to buy +40 Appics tokens. The process was completely seamless. Didn't have any problems and I only waited like 3 minutes to receive my tokens in my dashboard. Love this ICO :)

Appics tokens received by Bitoinkings

Nice! This is indeed the time to load up on XAP!

오호 유명 연예인인가 보군요!

Shared to my over 3000 followers on Twitter

To the moon we go!!!! @appics

@appics, Great works, I wish you success

Interesting message, I learned a lot of new things. I thought RedMan was much older. Thanks, it was interesting to know the story.

Wow lengend of hip hop Redman already shouting out @appics. And who says its not the next big thing thats about to happen to the world of social networking.
@appics is the way forward. SPREAD THE WORD

Wow Great News Thanks fo sharing @appics

I enjoyed the article but the thing I will enjoy the most is the 100 XAP tokens together with the Appics app. Suspense is killing me :)

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

Thank you for sharing this great news...

No doubt Legend REDMAN is a good rapper.
I listened this Appics song and enjoyed.
APPICS is very safe and beneficial Next Generation Social Media App.
I only would like to say to everyone that '' signup and get benefits from APPICS '' .
Thanks for this nice and informative post.It would be prove helpful for us.

Good article, Respect author

anticipating the launch of appics

@appics !! Go go go !!!

Gerne! Freue mich!!
Wenn ich etwas für Euch tun kann hier in #steemit-austria ....bitte melden!

Love you guys, upvote your comment. You guys deserve every bit ;)

Thank you for the post. Now we now nicely what to do for our free XAP you guys rule!.......gooooo APPICS!

Appics is for the people. You guys are awesome..

Appics now going biggest journey and in future will get huge positive progress sure. Nice you decided to share video and brilliant content here.

I am also a lover of hip hop music and also your post is very motivated greetings for @appics follo mi brother


This is amazing, I will always promote about APPICS

Well how to get ERC20 wallet

Wow the stars ✨ are getting involved in cryptocurrency wow I see price at the moon 🚀 as mainstream adoption has taken off

How did you got Redman on board? Awesome!

Daaaaaaaamn!! he got oooooold!

Upvoted and esteemed for aggrandizement

Redman is in the house!! :D

Hey @appics i have sent you 29.85 sbd to purchase XAP tokens, but i didn't get them, can you please look into this matter?

Thanks for the info you given.
Thats great

Amazing music
I like it this video
Thanks for sharing update proving crypto currency news.....

Appics is the best, can wait for the main lunch... This is really amazing

Great stuff! I've just invested some STEEM in the Round D of the on-going ICO. I'm big fan of @appics and the amazing team behind it.

Shout out to my new pals from SteemFest2: @sirwinchester, @soldier and @mrs.steemit.

I believe that the future for APPICS is very bright! Let's make it happen!

You people are doing the great work for steem blockchain and connecting the great personalities around the globe here. For me the future of appics is too bright, I am really happy to join steem now. Is there any service or work I can do for you?

Most Lit ICO Ever!! Working on the interview now! Should be published soon!

I can't wait for the interview @bkcryptotrader
Appics is an awesome ICO and I cant wait to use the app.

Redman is the best singer.

yo man!!

I did it! :)

I entered the data in the Google Form. Thanks in advance for the 100 XAP!

Hi Appics, great bounty program. Just wanted to know if the 100 XAP token be sent straight to four Eth addresses?

@appics when will Appics come out officialy?

Hello Appics team! Warm greetings from Mauritius!
So happy to finally be able to buy some precious XAP as well to get some free ones from you!
I've shared on my fb accounts below + twitter + I also made a post on steemit earlier to share the words with my friends and followers!

My ERC20 Address: 0x1e16F01a78511452486f02Ea559e1C1461f836c2

Thank you for all!

Thumbs up for appix👍

sorry ,I submit without memo address
and I want to return 20 steem

Unfortunately I and do twitter or facebook, I only do steemit and associated platforms. But I just found out about you guys and will be doing more research into this app of yours, goodluck with your project and hopefully I can get in sometime in the near future.

How long is it possible to participate in this promotion?


APPICS to the moon...

Done and submited . Shared it on my Facebook and twitter.

Dante is here No fear


Complete the task in this post and get your hands on 100 XAP tokens after the ICO sale. Can't wait to get mine :)

I am really getting so excited seeing all this celebs on board!

REDMAN ! What a legend haha, will definitely repost this on our fb =)

Wow!!!! This is huge!!!!
Congrats!!! @appics
Nice I see my Country "Nigeria" featured on the official Appics group

@appics you guys rock! this deserved a resteem, and I already shared the video on tweeter! I am so looking forward for Appics success!

Nice one

How High one of my favorite movie lol. CREAM - Crypto Rules Everything Around Me dolla dolla bill yall!!

Thank you! ~~

A legend of the Hip Hop with promising project, Great news for all

@Appics How many other celebrities you think will jump in on this?

Used to listen to Redman a lot at one time.. Nice connection! Upvoted and Resteemed.

How soon will beta dowloads of the app be available for testers?

Also, how can I become a beta tester?

For those not familiar yet, you can join the chat group on Telegram via:

Shared all the way from Nigeria.. I am hoping to get my tokens soon!

Ok redman.I did it.

cool! we are on board. shared on facebook!!

Thank you for sharing this post .
Great news.i appreciate this post.
Best of luck.

great job

good job

Im trying to bring hip hop to Dtube too.

Cool bounty

Did you send the 100 XAP to the participants already or is this still upcoming?

Interesting project opening a path as one of the first SMT. Soon on our mobile devices

"@Appics reaching out to many Hip Hop Legends
In front of competition, by miles not just edging
Changing the world is definitely their profession
And their impact and impression's without a question..."


"@Appics reaching out to many Hip Hop Legends
In front of competition, by miles not just edging
Changing the world is definitely their profession
And their impact and impression's without a question..."



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