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Consumers consider more than quality goods and services when choosing a brand.

Many are prioritizing corporate social responsibility (CSR), and holding corporations accountable for effecting social change with their business beliefs, practices and profits.

In fact, some will even turn their back on their favorite companies if they believe they're not taking a stand for societal and environmental issues.

APPICS utilizes the power of social media influence by integrating brand content into the ecosystem across varying categories.

Brands not only get rewarded for good content, you can also support and put philanthropic initiatives into the spotlight with your campaigns - with each “Like” on APPICS, every brand can generate an income, while simultaneously growing an audience, and have the ability to donate income to your favorite charity.

The biggest and commonly known problem that charity organizations have been facing for years is the lack of transparency.

When a nonprofit lacks transparency, it’s easy for someone to abuse the funds and take advantage of donors and the organization.

Stories about such abuses have unfortunately become popular in the media, consequently starting to create distrust.

With APPICS, foundations have a new incentive to offer transparency by creating a campaign on the APPICS application -

and sharing insights through images and videos and thus allowing users to re-build trust in their organization while directly receiving donations in form of APPICS tokens.

Humanitarian and philanthropic organizations thrive on storytelling to drive awareness, to engage volunteers, and to attract donations and funding.

Furthermore, for people living in third world countries, where the banking system is on a constant downward spiral, earning cryptocurrency via content sharing has the potential to change lives on a global scale.


APPICS has most of the main functions of Bitcoin - a decentralized, trustless payment network, only with a new incentive.

APPICS is designed to have an infrastructure that lets everyone participate in a community and “mine” tokens via contribution.

The APPICS token (XAP) has intrinsic value through its real life applications as a technology, social media and monetary system.

APPICS is designed for commerce. Everyone can get involved in the APPICS ecosystem and earn some – even without an investment.

This means that everyone who has access to the Internet can use APPICS and experience firsthand how it works.

There are no risks involved and no strings attached.

Undertaking socially responsible initiatives is truly a win-win situation.
Not only will your company appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees, but you'll also make a real difference in the world.

Ready to change the world with APPICS?

Head over to, to read through our whitepaper, and contact us to discuss what your Passion with Purpose is to start your campaign today.

This post was written by Amanda Manares, our Senior VP Business Operations U.S.!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬

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Nice work and its educating

I’m excited to see this project continue to move forward. I can tell you’ve been marketing hard with around 20,000 in your Telegram channel. I’m waiting patiently on the release of SMTs and to see APPICS get some real traction on the market! Keep it up! :-)

When's the launch? What a long wait


Seriously.. i have been asking for weeks on twitter but they never respond to questions asked by people. They need to work on their customer relations department


It still might end up a scam, just like the majority of shitprojects in crypto sphere


Thank you @nigelmarkdias! @appics Passion for Purpose programs is going to change the world!


You’re welcome, @mindastronaut.
Eagerly looking forward to the full @appics roll-out.

Go somewhere. That is my biggest regret at 31, that we got married/house/kids very quickly and I never had the chance to travel. Always wanted to hit up europe for a month or two, on my own... Someday!

Very good post I hope to see a lot charity projects flourish on the new Appics App because it is a great way to support this kind of projects.

"...foundations have a new incentive to offer transparency by creating a campaign on the APPICS application -
and sharing insights through images and videos and thus allowing users to re-build trust in their organization while directly receiving donations in form of APPICS tokens."

Not only this foundations can. I mean organizations, and even people can involve talanted persons come in APPICS to share their own images, videos! )'s reminds me the story in APPICS official video (witch begins at 01:00)


Exactly, charity is one of the benefits of the app that we wanted to highlight in that video!
Glad you enjoyed it 🙌


Thanks to this app we might not even need charity because people will be able to earn a basic income from using the @appics app. This is really great and beneficial for so many people around the world. Truly inspiring.

the post is very remarkable my friend, and very good, how are you, our old friend did not meet @appics

I see how cool charity already works on Steemit in a semi-organised form. I am looking forward to see how that works with your new charity category. Could be big!

Excellent photography. Wow great wark...

Great Post...resteemed

All the different projects that exists, this is truly the most exciting one for me! I can’t wait to see yolthis live!!

Appics is the best social media application ever!

Bring it on. I am so ready for it.

What's the scheduled release date?

I'm so glad to be a part of such a legit project...

Appics make people fun and connected. it's cool.

Thank you for sharing this. I'm looking forward to reading more about this in the whitepaper.

I love the intrinsic value @appics is bringing forth not just on the social space but life generally

APPICS purpose is change the world and change the social media.

Appics is an app of passseeeooon!💪💪

@treeplanter, may you come out to see these purposes?)

With this feature, Appics will build a better future.

Truly love this article!
Great work as always! #TeamAppics #LetsChangeTheWorld


Very inspiring work @appics - Keep up the good work. Hope to see this app up and running before the end of this year.

Loved the project with high potential idea of passion with purpose.


I have high hopes for this project. Patiently waiting for the launch of the SMT application.

Like it!

Great work @appics
I will definitely be a supporter for life.

Great work guys! Appics rules

Hi @appics Team thank you for this very valuable information...
this is a great idea for start- up companies and charity organization... to show they True Colors ✅

Wow 😮 This sounds so good I really and truly will support this. I cannot wait for the app to come out.
Keep up the good work it can truly change the world

Passion is the key to greatness....

Its so cool @appics , that everyone from all over the world can participate and mine tokens, which can truly have the ability to change lives in more ways then one! With transparency for charitible organizations !! Cant wait for the launch! Go Team Appics! upped and resteemed! Ooops missed it, post just paid out!💕👍✌😀

I like your project and ideas so I upvoted your post!

Please upvote any of our content you may like also, thanks!

Please also welcome Lestat and CICADA 3301 to the Steemit community everyone!



CICADA 3301 - Lestat Exposes Fake Q & Defends Q SOURCE X!!


I cant wait. Passion rewards upcoming

"@Appics promotes passion with purpose
Potential wakes us up and then will resurface
Time for no games, or running a circus
We're our own competition, elimination of Versus..."


Awesome @appics ! I have recently heard about you:) I can’t wait for the app to be fully up and running so we can start using it! Really excited for this!😀

When do you think it will be live? I would love to be one of the first users. I may purchase some xap now to help when I do join :)

I wish you good luck in every one of the 16 categories not only in charity.

Now I heard you Appics has released App for the early investor. 16 catagories is not enough. Yes. seeing photos and searching with hashtags is the basic. I meant the more useful side menu which are more attractive to the people who are using instagram or facebook.
I really hope you would be from good to great.

nice work people

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I got appics android app and start work with this app by posted my first post by using appics app. it is look like awsome and fast and user frankly using. i m looking forward other all feature will implement very soon.

good project

waiting for the launch

The hardest part is waiting

This is brilliant