APPICS - Get To Know The Team: Introducing Paul Ring!

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The APPICS Team is growing globally.

Besides our company base in Switzerland, we have teams from all over the world joining the movement and representing our vision with APPICS!

The last few months, the APPICS team has been traveling the world and spent some time in california specifically to build the US team.
Since the US is the home of the global entertainment industry and one of the major markets for social media, we knew how important a strong U.S.-based team would be.

That's why we specifically focused on building an experienced, passionate APPICS US Team - and the first member we'd like to introduce is Paul Ring, our President of US Business Operations.

Paul Ring is a Grammy-winning engineer and producer that has had a long tenure of success as President of two prominent record companies distributed exclusively with Universal Music over the past 23 years. This was a position that encompassed management of all operations of the company including artist acquisition budgeting production distribution and marketing. Ring has sustained a high level of success working with both legendary celebrities and developing artists in all genres of entertainment.

Paul's experience, determination, work ethic, and his passion for APPICS' vision have really made him a core part of our US Team.

We're excited to be working alongside someone as experienced, skilled, and humble like Paul!

Watch the Interview between Paul and our COO Uma below in 3 short clips!

Part 1

One of APPICS' key missions is to empower charities and help change the world through our technology. Paul explains how charity is an important factor and motivator for him, what he's done in the past, and how APPICS could help to give back.

Part 2

Being in the music industry in Hollywood has made Paul experience again and again how often the creators don't benefit (enough) from the final product. That's why APPICS erases the middlemen, directly rewarding the artists for their work!

Part 3

How can we bring power to the people with APPICS ? Communication is key!

APPICS COO Uma @mrs.steemit and Paul Ring, President of US Business Operations. Shot & edited by @thehipsterguru

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

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The crowd is chanting.

Unfreeze the Tokens!...

Unfreeze the Tokens!...


Good luck to the new come Paul !

really awesome team of appics.personally, i think that,appics is a best team in the steemit platform.this team all instruction very helpful for all steemians.a long time i following your team every best tropic for my steemir work and i can tell i apply this method i improve my work..just showing very great news.firstly,i am congrats to know paul ring for being the president.just best interview.i watched this video.i appreciate your thought. ico is a best project of brilliant consideration of nice developing team. wish you all the dear friend..very well done for your great work.just dear friend. @appics

@ned putting more focus on the SMT, think they will work soon.

There are no recent developments in appcis.appics2.jpg

can u explain about this ?
The test beta version is shown in Q2 on road map of ICO. When is it specifically, if you don't know, how much is the beta development process now?
you put the development results on the github.

If you don't know anything (I expected), tell me who can answer it. Don't you know this?

I just wanna know the truth.

the way APPICS aims to give people back their return-on-investment it will definitely bring a revolution
nice to see some updates regarding appics

Cannot wait! Q3 is coming right up!

Appics @ppics is definitely going to" bring power back to the people," and turn social media on its head lol! What a great addition to the team Paul Ring will be, Outstanding!"Communication will for sure be key, and its time for creators to benefit!" great job once again Uma @mrs.steemit ! I am patiently waiting for the App to launch! upped and resteemed!✌👍💕

good post good friends, @appics

"Hollywood insider bringing his experience
The industry is cutthroat, so you gotta have resilience
Paul Ring brings expertise to the music field
And knows that @Appics rewards the artist without needing a record deal..."


"Hollywood insider bringing his experience
The industry is cutthroat, so you gotta have resilience
Paul Ring brings expertise to the music field
And knows that @Appics rewards the artist without needing a record deal..."


Guys, it feels like time is crawling ever since the first Appics announcement. I really want to use the app and pretty everyone I know will jump onboard for this as well. Very much unlike Steemit where everyone says it is too complicated and that they don't want to write. So go, go, go and change the world.

Very good interview with Paul he is definitely a huge value for the whole Appics Team. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your final launch!

Always love getting news and updates from the team, can't wait to wait to try out the testnet and the final version when it's time. I have a feeling know that APPICS is gonna be huge :)

@appics, Congratulations your brilliant succeed. I'm watching you posted video introduction of Paul Ring and asking of @mrs.steemit.

The APPICS Team is growing globally.

Currently Appics.ICO project keep going with brilliant consideration of nice developing team. Wishing y'll the best.

Congratulation appics! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 1min with 1 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

I've seen these clips before on someone's blog abd it's a great initiative by team @appics

I hope they continue to grow as they have until now

This really had the potential to be a real game changer in the crypto world. As soon as this catches on with the younger generation, this is going to explode! So my question is, what are you doing, other than posting articles, to draw in the new generation of crypto users?

i'm so excited!! :D

Wow really nice, good interview. Saw the post on the 15 categories that will be available at launch and all i can say is i can't wait for the app to be launched. Nice one guys @appics

Appics sure has a great future ahead :)

Go ahead with full throttle !


What exactly does the Appics do....
Can i be part of the company....


APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on top of the Steem blockchain, enabling people from around the globe to connect and allowing all participants to benefit.

Follow APPICS on Social Media 📱🌎

I think appics really going to empower people.camt wait anymore for it!

This is the new technology... I can’t wait till it comes out. I really enjoyed the interview with Paul Ring he’s right... communication is the key 🔑

Appics is going to be one big family!

Appics is going to change lives i no that he is going to change mine. Thankyou for sharring this awesome NEWS

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

A very solid team with people committed to excellence. Let's go to the moon with appics

Still anticipating launch!

This waiting is torturing!

Open the gates!🤗

appice ICO I regret missing the opportunity.

Great job APPICS

nice project

interesting points, thanks for sharing...

What a great team you guys have.

Cool team and nice people

Team Appics Is really expanding, great job guys

Paul's experience sounds marvelous. His connection to the industry might be very beneficial for the future of Appics. Can't wait to see the final app and earn some XAP.

the best of the successes to this great project. Definitely a winning team.

Great job guys

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