WE ARE ONE series : Ep. 3 - Dynamic Nutrient Accumulators

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Welcome Steemit community,

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Kick back as I present to you….the…

WE ARE ONE SERIES : Ep. 3 - Dynamic Nutrient Accumulators. 

Intro : In this series I attempt to expose you to many interdependent relationships between lifeforms found in nature, then I will conclude with how we humans can benefit from it.

Now for the topic of discussion today!!


This category of plants are mother nature's generous little helpers. They have long vertical tap roots that dig deep and extract minerals in the subsoil. These minerals are then concentrated in their leafs. When the leafs fall and decompose, they release all of those minerals that have been sucked up from the subsoil. Thus supplying the life around them with much need minerals, that otherwise would have never been available to the more shallow rooted plants.

PLANTS NEED MINERALS TO LIVE. JUST LIKE WE DO(many accumulators are nutritiously edible)

Plants need minerals such as : Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Boron.

Some of the Dynamic Accumulators are : Comfrey, Yarrow, Plantain, Coltsfoot, Stinging Nettle, Dandelion, and Watercress.

(Comfrey is amazing!!)

These Accumulators have a critical relationship with their environment. They are one of Mother Nature’s first response teams. These plants are the pioneers of land restoration. When a piece of land on this planet becomes barren and the soil has become infertile, Nature has resources available to help rehabilitate the scarred land (most likely caused by us).

It is kinda funny, because we humans consider a lot of these plants a nuisance. Many Nutrient Accumulators are identified as “weeds”(dandelion, plantain, and lambsquarters).  When really they are just Nature's way of repairing itself. These dynamic plants help break up compacted soil and bring up nutrients from deep below so that the next species can flourish. 

Now for the inevitable question of the day…. Why should you care?

It is relevant to us humans because each one of these dynamic plants are able to accumulate specific minerals. They are specialized in acquiring certain types of minerals. For example, one plant might take up magnesium, where another Accumulator is only able to absorb potassium. 

Point being, we humans (with a permaculture approach) can regenerate our natural ecosystems by placing these Dynamic Nutrient Accumulators in the correct relationship with each other. If chosen and placed correctly, these awesome plants can replenish the depleted minerals in the soil. Helping to create a optimal environment where life can prosper.

Sharing is Caring Folks!

Let us learn from these Dynamic Nutrient Accumulators.

They have much to teach us.

My best wishes are with you all!


I just showered you with kisses.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as i did making it! ^-^

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