I can no longer ignore the power of Steemit.

in #life3 years ago

Ah yet again, I have fallen off the Steem train!

I have many excuses as to why I have not been participating in this revolutionary platform. All of these excuses mean nothing. Bare with me one moment as I morn in my ignorance........

OKAY I’m back!

As I thumb tap away on my phone here I realize it’s time to learn from my mistakes and hop back on this train. I look forward to growing with you all!

Mahalo my friends!!



Naughty boy, running away. I shall give you your due spanking next month when I see.

I been listening to James Brown and thinking about you.

Get up off uh that thang!

Haha I have been so naughty haha . What a great song! Let’s get funky!

congratulations back to steemit, I support you.

I honor your support my fellow steemian! I shall return the favor.

We LOVE YOU too!!!


Steemit Power - thanks for pioneering this director for us to follow :-)