Dual Shinai Dance to African Zulu music

in #life5 years ago

Greetings beautiful Steemians!

This is what I like to do on my down time.

It is such a great mediation.

The Shinai are like extensions of my own body. The purpose of this dance is not only for fun, but to attempt to control the Shinai very efficiently with the music.

I try not to contact the Shinai with each other. I want to move as fast and smooth as I can without striking them on anything. It is quite the challenge.

I hope you enjoy the video!


He intentado imitarlo y como resultado, a tomar por culo lampara, television, dos jarrones, el perro y un gato que pasaba por aquí!!! jajaja
Mola pero es peligroso ese baile ;)

Esta danza puede ser muy peligrosa. Normalmente esperar hasta que nadie más en la habitación antes de empezar haha.

gracias por los comentarios ! Ten un día maravilloso

Haha I am not sure if I am understanding this meme correctly. Could you elaborate ?