Katas ng Steemit: Bought Digi-Cam with My #Steemit Earnings: Amazing!!!

in life •  last year

My first remembrance in #steemit. The camera just arrived yesterday. I asked a favour to @wagun001 to buy me a camera because I don't want to use my phone taking pictures and taking videos. The camera is around 25$ sbd. Yeah, it is cheap but I value it so much because this is coming from steemit. I never thought I owned this cam now and it was happened because of steemit.

Steemit really has a lot of opportunities for you. As what on the @steemsecrets said and delivered by @theree2389 which is steemit has something for you and a lot of opportunities for you. I am lucky to have it here. I made so many friends in different countries. I develop my writing skills. I shared my thoughts with earnings. I am not a writer but through steemit I become one. How amazing life with steemit.

I am happy and proud because I am a successful steemian and this wouldn't have happened if those persons don't help me like @surpassinggoogle @bayanihan @kennyroy @iyanpol12 and others. I love you all guys especially steemian. I am praying that God will guide us and praying that steemit will long last. Congrats to us!!!!

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Papicture tayo ehehehe

nice 1 @aoife12 congrats po at keep up the good work :) :)

congratulations on your newly bought camera. I wish someday we could be able to capture together memories using that. :)

Wow talaga lng ha! [email protected] is really amazing, life changing..i hope soon i'll also have that one..

Congrats! So excited to my first payout!

Thank you for sharing this with us!


Congrats Sis! So happy for you 😊


We celebrate with you, enjoy the camera.

Teardrops SMT (@surpassinggoogle) has added a tear of joy.

A Tear Now Has Value # 8

Congratulations on this amazing achievement!!


Thank You Sir.

wow!!!! CONGRATS meg :)