When was the last time you did something childish?

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Children can be great and they can be so tiring. We all know that even if we do not actually have any of our own. There are few surprisingly nice things about them. Im not talking about how they bring meaning to life and all that Blaah Blaah Blaah. Im talking about those small things that you never even thought would be important. When was the last time you did something really childish? With kids you kind of have to, and it can be great.

When was the last time you made some great art? (still can't believe I'm posting this)

When was the last time you played some Jenga or any other "stupid" board game?

When was the last time you made a weird looking snowman?

When was the last time you used colorful nail polish? (this was definitely the first time for me)

When was the last time you did some kick ass street art?

Or when was the last time you actually made some Halloween lantern?

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This was sweet. We should all let out the child in us sometimes. It would be healthy. Now I feel like drawing a picture :D Hyvää ystävänpäivää :)

Lol i'm sure you fee like a real artist after seeing what i did:)

Well, the bear is very creative :D

Or i should say, it is made in a creative way :D

Exactly like in real life :)

Well, good job :D

Pakko myöntää, että aika hieno taideteos! Sellaiseen en ehkä ryhdy, mutta lumiukon voisi koittaa väsätä joku päivä (talven alusta asti on tullut sanottu, että teen sen, mutta vielä en ole saanut aikaiseksi...) 😄

Kylllä hyvän taiteen aina tunnistaa:)

It’s amusing to see the world (or trying to see) the world in kids’ eyes. 👀 For example, my husband and I have bought some relatively expensive toys to our daughter...still, the most fascinating toys are our electric wires of TV and my plant pot. 😃🙈

Seems like your daughter is still pretty young. Enjoy that. When they get older I'm sure they want those expensive stuff as well.