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I Can write pages and pages. Can keep writing longer and longer. But my purpose is to make it short and sweet.

No use of searching online. When I googled, I found all the information about the movie LIFE, which was released on 2017. Starred by notorious deadpool Ryan and Donnie Darko Jake.

life movie.jpg

Somehow, the movie was a fascinating experience. It reminded all the theories which I studied during my biology period in the high school. Starting from fundamentals of life to cell theory to genetics to anatomy, physiology, mating .......... etc..... Scene to scene it was thrilling as it was a battle between winning and lost. And at the end the movie decided to fail the human skills.

But today I felt, that movie was a real good experience. Not only that movie. But all the movies I watched has something to tell me. Something to learn. Not only the movies. But all the books I have read has taught me, I had to learn from them. Not only the books. But people has taught me so many things. Good things, bad things, things that cannot be categorized into any of the above.

So many things, So many experiences. Winning moments, failing moments.

And yeah.


That is life. Gaining experiences through a battle between wining and loosing is life. Since the early stage as a Neonate everyone has been struggling to live. Every second everyone of us has been learning and gaining experiences. Hell yeah. That is life.

As there are many stories in books, movies, bla bla bla....... Every individual has their own story about them self. Each and every life story is different. Some stories have happy starts and happy ending. Some stories have sad starts and sad endings. Some stories have happy starts and sad endings while some stories have sad starts and happy endings.

However, The whole life of an individual has a start and an end. Anything is possible during that period. Compared to the time duration since the imaginary big bang to now, a life span of a human being is 1 / 1.7 billion years. BILLION YEARS. I feel we are living a very very very very............ very small time period.


Let me finish my post with this message. I feel, we can live more happily if we understand this simple structure about life. It has a start and end. The time from start to end is very short. We have all the rights to be happy. Meantime, everyone else has the same right, as they also having the same short period of time. If we live happily without violating others happiness, we can our journey and realize what LIFE is.........

That's LIFE.