A romantic moment.

in life •  2 months ago

The sun is saying goodbye to us, on its way to illuminate others.

This is, from ancient times and  internationally, known as a romantic moment.

Today, the sea is quiet; a peaceful feeling is a natural reaction to the view.

I always feel lucky and blessed for the opportunity of living these moments.

My photo with my MI:

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The clouds are breathtaking!

Que hermoso atardecer.

It is really looking very beautiful.Where can we see this beautiful sunset? @antonella

wow is amazing view

the ending part of the photo showes the beautiful views of the sunset...

Great view and deep word to describe this amazing shot.

Love you and your all post.

Indeed it is a romantic moment of mother nature to mankind! For long, i have searched for the right words to truly express the feeling i get anytime i take a glimpse of this epic view, but now i found the answer from this post. Thanks for answering my long unanswered question. Great post!


What a lovely sunset! great picture!

When looking at this, I feel like I am sitting right on the beach looking out over the water, great photo.

Ocean view with sun set

Felicitaciones, Buen Post.